Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

Hi again!:)

I’m very generous on posts today 😀

I already have one post about products from Balea brand ( Balea products review. Part 1 ) and I’m planning to make second part as I tried more products.

I decided to make a new type of posts “Three must-try products” from some particular brand. I will start from Balea and actually I will write one more (or few more) posts about must-try Balea products separately from general reviews as they have looooots of products to try and I don’t know how many I will like a lot later;)



Feuchtigkeits Spülung Mango + Aloe Vera

Moisturizing Conditioner Mango + Aloe Vera


 Click to read about this conditioner on the official site and also you can find a list of ingredients there (if you are interested) 

+ Price (300 ml almost for free) 😀 ;

+ Moisturizing and conditioning hair (hair like waterfall in shower) 🙂 ;

+ Detangles hair very fast after drying shampoo;

+ Wonderful for fine hair and for fine dry hair.

– Probably won’t be enough for very dry/coarse/thick hair;

– Simple packaging (not a big minus but for some people it’s huge).



Aqua Feuchtigkeitsserum

Aqua Moisturizing Serum


+ Price/Quality;

+ Can be used on its own or under cream;

+ Enough moisture for combination-oily skin in warm season without using any cream;

+ Smooth skin, which looks more fresh;

+ Should suit all skin types. For dry skin – like a step before cream.

+ Moisturizing!;

+Absorbs pretty fast;

+ Has comfortable pump;

+ Lightweight texture.

– 30 ml ends pretty fast (not in a week or two but still felt like it was fast) 😀 , for whole face you need just one pump.

 Click to read about this moisturizing serum on official site and also you can find a list of ingredients there 




I actually didn’t try Kakao but other one I think from limited edition. But I believe they have the same qualities and shea butter in it:) I will insert photo of the one I have. We have still some left in stores.

 Click to read about this body butter on the official site and also you can find a list of ingredients there (if you are interested) 

The one I have! 🙂

I will mention again that I think they have the same properties/quality.

+ Has shea butter in it;

+ Nourishes/moisturizes skin very good;

+If you have a problem with such unpleasant skin a little lower your shoulder (OMG how to explain what do I mean?), this butter will help you. I apply it in the evening and my arm is smooth in the morning;

+ Smells wonderful. The one I have smells like lemon cake(amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Kakao smells probably like… Cocoa:D.

– Takes some time to absorb fully (not very long..but …some time) . So I use it in the evening as I like in the morning some lotion which absorbs instantly.

If you tried any of the products I mentioned I’m interested to hear your opinion.

Have a nice day and wonderful mood!



6 thoughts on “Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

  1. Hey, nice post! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion, style and cosmetics for men and women. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  2. I tried the conditioner and the serum 🙂 The conditioner isn’t enough for my hair, but that’s because it’s so dry. There’s another one (with fig) that works a bit better for me. The Balea Professional Oil Repair conditioner works best for me, I think.
    The serum is one of my favourite products 🙂 I’ve repurchased it a few times already.

    • I totally agree with you about Oil repair conditioner! It’s wonderful for dry hair. I mentioned it in review and was going to mention it in must-try for dry hair. It overweight my fine hair a little but anyway I think it’s very good one. I think people like me can use it like a mask :)And I didn’t try conditioner with fig. It smells good but for some reason I take not first time Mango one. Probably it’s time to try something different:) Thanks 🙂 And I’m glad to hear about serum! I didn’t expect it to be so good when I took it in store. Of course I didn’t expect bad product but not that good:) Do you use other serums? It was my first one:)

      • Yeah, I had the same “problem” with the Oil Repair shampoo as it was too much for my roots which made them oily very fast.
        The conditioner with fig should work well for normal hair 🙂 It makes it very sleek and easy to brush/comb through.
        I don’t use other serums. The one by Balea might not be the richest one out there, but I always apply my regular moisturiser or night cream on top of it, anyway 🙂

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