Simple and dewy

My simple and a little dewy make up look.

I know it’s a little hard to see eye make-up but it’s like in my post Pink Gold on My Mind (just I used different shade in the inner corner, but you will never notice that on photos below:) ).

simple and glowy makeup
Products: Lumene CC cream, Seventeen Natural Silky powder, Bourjois blush, Elf baked blush, Sleek Oh so special palette, Max Factor Clump defy mascara, Essence long-lasting eyeliner, Aura eyebrow pencil, Nivea Vitamin Shake lip balm.

Do you like to add a little glow to your look?

p.s. It’s my 100th post. 🙂


Changes, changes, changes.. Haircut


Do you change your haircut, hairstyle or hair color often? Do you like to stick to one style and length for several years?

My new haircut. And hairstyle by ME:)

new haircut
I have no idea why I insert  the same photo twice. Red line shows the approximate length of my hair before I cut it. What do you say?


Obstacles with my Hobby in Beauty

You will like it!:)

Natasha Sofia

This post that I’m writing today is a bit different to my standard type of post. I want to talk about the problems that I’ve been faced with as a lover of all things beauty and how I deal with them. To be honest it was quite a hard post to write and I thought long and hard about what I was going to say. This isn’t so much a rant but more a discussion about the misconceptions about the beauty community.

1. Beauty as a Hobby?

Since my interest in all things beauty related started I found a number of people don’t take me seriously when I say that makeup is my hobby. I guess some people see makeup as a thing people do as part of a daily routine or just for special occasions. What they don’t see is the huge community that comes with being a beauty…

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New shade. Goldwell Nectaya 8N/NN


I want to tell you about my new experience with hair dye I tried already. See

If you don’t like to read a lot skip this part:)

     Few days ago I colored my hair with Goldwell Nectaya but I took different shade. Actually betweeen last time I used Goldwell and this time seevral months passed and I tried different hair dyes. In winter I went to salon and got beautiful natural shade but as I came back to Romania I couldn’t find where I can buy hair color from that brand. I even asked my stylist to write me what shades did she mix. So I just tried Loreal Casting 700 but I didn’t make picture of result. It was good. But my soul wanted more experiments and I came back to Goldwell Nectaya. I know..las time I wrote that it made my hair very dry when I started to wash all mixture from my hair. But this time..nothing like that happened! It didn’t dry my hair at all. And I’m very pleased with shade I got.

If you want to know more about  this ammonia free hair color just check my previous post (link above) or go on their official site.

I’m sorry I can’t attach photo Before will see only After!

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The TMI Tag


How are you?

I didn’t have mood for posts several days..:/ And today I decided to writeTMI Tag. I like to read such posts of other why not to write such also?I hope it will be interesting and not boring… Noone likes to read long boring posts:)

1. What are you wearing?

Hard to explain.. Some sport style home dress with buttons.

2. Ever been in love?

In love –  several times:) Actually LOVE -now, my husband:)

Do you distinguish “being in love” , “fall in love” and actually when you Love someone?

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