The best autumn lipstick

The best autumn lipstick sounds powerful:D But it’s really very good. I’m even amazed:)

So let’s start..

The best lipstick for this autumn  is RIMMEL MOISTURE RENEW in shade VINTAGE PINK (180).

Ok.. It can be best not only for autumn but any other season, but such colors are usually associated with autumn, blankets, tea, hot wine or chocolate:).

1. Packaging

rimmel moisture renew packaging
Oh.. It’s so shiny and this crown .. You just want to keep it in hand 🙂

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World Inspires You Create

Look what I found…

I don’t remember when I wrote-drew this. But photo of it was made on 31.03.2012, so probably that day or day earlier.  As I made up this name some time ago I really hope that I will be the only one with such FOREVER :D.

as all other works ..rights are mine and bla bla, no derivative works and so on 😀

Sparkling red

It seems today is the day of red color posts.

The heros of today are Golden Rose  Impression 05 and Diva cosmetics thermo 03.

This diva thermo nail polish changed its color just a little from bright red to more deep red, but it should change to very dark red.  Already want to check other colors whether they really change their color or not. So one day I went with red nails (sometimes brighter, sometimes darker) and today I decided to combine it with some sparkling pieces and see how it looks. And it looks….Amazing!!!:)

golden rose_diva

And nails…

nails of the day

nails of the day2
From different angle and in shadow to see details and sparkles.

What do you think?

Red lips look

Today is a post which was ispired by the  Sammy’s beauty , who posted a haul with red lipstick:)

So one day I decided to go out for coffee being such a lady 🙂

I’m sorry for the quality of photos. I was preparing and didn’t  plan to make photos and I was lazy to take camera. And with one hand I’m pretty bad in selfies.  And the light is also not the best:D But… if you came to see red lipstick please suffer a little:D

p.s. If you think I use too many smiley faces.. sorry.  Just it’s already a habit and if you have an online friendly chat with Russian/Ukrainian you will notice we are a little overusing smiley faces. It came to such point that if someone wrote you something without 🙂 you will think she is rude to you:D I know it’s stupid.  

I will start with lipstick I used.

Small review: I love Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks. They have bright colors and stay good.

But anyway when I apply red or any other very bright lipstick it bothers me all the time what if it smudged (is it good word?) somewhere aroung lips..or when I drink it bothers me all the time:D It stays good, but I check it every 3 sips for sure. If someday you are too concerned about something just wear bright lipstick and all you will be thinking about whether it stays on its place:).

The way I apply bright lipsticks: lipstick+powder+lipstick+kiss a paper+a little-little-little of powder to make it a little matte. I know after such manipulation it stays very good but I can’t stop myself checking it.

maybelline_pleasure me red 547

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Nail polish collection update

So many interesting nail polishes all over the internet. I also wanted to have something special. And I got a package-present from my mom:)

Meet new friends of my nails!

Three nail polishes from Diva are termo nail polishes. They change color.
2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th from the left are “feather” nail polishes. I don’t know how else to call them. But Nail inc has the same type and they are called Feathers.
And 5-th is send (sugar) sparkling nail polish.
Cool!!!! Isn’t it?:)

Right now I’m applying second nail polish  from this line on light blue base. So wait for nails of the day post:D



Nails again. Rose.

Long time no new nails photos 🙂

Today is a perfect day for a small rose on your nail.

nail rose
As a base I used Flormar Supershine 20 and top coat is from Astor. Actually top coat was trasparent but after lots of nail polishes it became with a little glowy violet shade 😀 And not it gives to nails a fluorescent effect 😀

Do you like flowers on your nails?