Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation 1W review. Shade comparison.

     Dior Backstage foundation was and is probably one of the most talked about foundation. Megan’s makeup for Royal wedding was definitely one of the reasons why so many people were waiting to try it. Other reason is not typical Dior approach. Packaging, price and line in general seems to be targeted towards makeup artists and everything screams about it.  It’s supposed to be simple and effective. Stores got separate stand for new Backstage collection and fancy eyeshadow packagings are awaiting for customers separately from their new family memebers. One of the biggest surprises for everyone was a color range of foundation. There are 40 shades and you will be surprised but people still complain on instagram. I can’t complain about shades as they have cool, neutral and warm already at shade 0, which is really pale.  Majority of that pale foundations are usually pink toned, bit less pale are neutral. For my palest state neutral works fine but once I get tiny bit of tan I choose something leaning to warm and once I have moderate tan anything neutral looks totally wrong.

dior backstage 1 (1).jpg

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I’ve been loving lately… And New In.

Hi! How is blogging and non-blogging world doing?:)

I think I should stop writing “I didn’t write for a long time..” in each of my posts and here I did it again. 😀 If you don’t follow me on instagram, here is my account @worldinspiresyoucreate I post very often there and I think probably I got stuck there in a way.

I’d like to share some recent favorites of mine and I hope you will share in the comments some of your recent beauty “obsessions”.


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Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet 506 Fusion. Worth it?


I wrote quite some time ago that I’m going to do a review on Armani Lip Magnet 506 Fusion and here it is. Later I’m going to write about Lancome Matte 290 lipstick which is in the same category for me “wearable bright”. You could see full looks with both lipsticks already on my Instagram. If not  you can follow me @worldinspiresyoucreate .   I post often there, more often than here:D

Let’s go back to why you have started reading this post… 😉

giorgio armani lip magnet 506 fusion

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Empties #6. Skincare and makeup.


It seems I was really into collecting empties recently. Can you tell?:D Also I have this waves of blogging where I feel like posting few posts in a row and then..silence 😀

Let’s skip introduction and jump right into the sea of products I finished some time ago.

Do you see something you were interested on this photo? Click Read More to find out more 😉

empties skincare and makeup

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Tempting bellini? Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette makeup

Hi again! Am I writing too much already?;)

I totally forgot when was the last time I posted makeup on my blog. I do post them on my instagram but on blog.. Hm, no. Time to change that? Yep!

Tempting too faces peach palette

Leading role: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: White Peach on browbone, Charmed, I’m Sure+Georgia in crease, Bellini in the inner part of eyelid  followed by Bless Her Heart and  Tempting, a bit Nectar on the inner corner, Bellini->very little, very blended Bless Her Heart  on the outter part of the lower lash line.

Do you like this makeup? Do you wear pinks and greens in your eye makeup?

Have a good makeup day:)!

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick 877 TURN ME DIOR almost review. First impression,detailed.


How are you? How do you feel about new Dior Addict  Lacquer Stick? Are you interested in this new addition to Dior make-up collection?

Here is my 5 cents. First impression on shade Turn me Dior.

Note: It’s not a usual post from me as I use lots of phone photos from store.


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Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 002


It’s a good  day for a highlighter review, don’t you think?:) The full name of the product is quite long ..

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer. Shimmering Sculpting Powder #002

If I’m not mistaken Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer #001 was lauched as a part of LE autumn collection 2016. This year Dior decided beauty addicts should have more highlighters and launched three more shades and made all 4 a part of their permanent collection.

Note: Prepare.. I may be included too many photos:D


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