Empties #5. Haircare.


How are you? What hair product did you finish recently?

Welcome to my new empties post, one of the most informative posts on beauty blogs! 🙂

hair care empties

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Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque. When your hair smells delicious.


    I’m back to blogging world and as you may guess I gathered a lot of empties:D Several of my latest posts were empties so I feel like it’s just a beautyblogging crime to post empties AGAIN. 😀

Today is a perfect day to introduce you to one of my new favorite masks. Let’s skip all this boring brand introduction and jump right into product review or.. No.

I have to mention that Maria Nila is swedish cruelty-free brand. The End 🙂

maria nila luminous color mask review2

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Empties #4. Hair, skin, makeup.


   I’d like to write “Long time no see” but I write it too often so it gets ridiculous already 😀 Do you know what I like about reading other people empties? Short reviews on a lot of products in one post and I can be almost sure that person actually used products, which she shows.

This empties photo I took quite some time ago but I didn’t have mood to write about it. But as I gathered new enourmous bag of empties I just wanted to post this one so it doesn’t go to waste as several of those products need reviews online:)

Is it June? Is it snow on this photo? Yes, it is 😀

empties blog 4

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Empties. Hair. Skin. Body. #1


Happy New Year! 

Wish you all happiness and health! Of course wish everyone to find perfect skincare and perfect red and nude lispticks:)! 

Let’s get back to empty bottles and jars:)

I don’t write Empties posts because I really don’t like gathering garbage. Even if I hide it the thought of having something I should throw away drives me crazy. Ok, it doesn’t drive me crazy but I dislike piling stuff I want to get rid of.  🙂

Finally I managed to gather empties for my first Empties post. 🙂 Actually this type of posts is one of my favorites.


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Goldwell Dualsenses Color shampoo


Finally I came back on blog after vacation. I came very fast on instagram as it became my favorite platform to share products and write short opinion about them. Do you like instagram?

Coming back to the topic of my post… I posted this shampoo several times on my Instagram account. I re-purchased it few times so you can guess that I liked it quite a lot.:)

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop shampoo for normal to fine colour-treated hair. Verrrrryyy long name for a shampoo.

Goldwell dualsenses fade stop shampoo review

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First make-up with Naked3 and Hair doubts


Today I decided to write a few posts. I’m very active on instagram but I don’t think everyone who follows me here follows me there.

On Valentine’s Day I received Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and I couldn’t wait to try it. The next day I was going to a meeting of career counseling (or something like that) so I decided it’s a good opportunity to try an eyeshadow base and a palette.  I should say going anywhere would be a perfect opprotunity for this anyway:D As I’m a “beginner” with this palette I thought I could do something light. I didn’t know how dark dark eyeshadows will look:)


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Faves2015: Haircare

Hi! How are you?

Are you still waiting for all other faves of 2015 even it’s already february?

Today is a Hair day!:D

I tried to include only really loved products. I didn’t include shampoos as I couldn’t decide which ones are really worth mentioning so I think I will have some separate posts with shampoos I didn’t write about before.haircare faves blog

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Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. Joico and Schwarzkopf Professional


I’d write “long time no post” but I wrote this phrase already several times I guess:D

If you follow my instagram worldinspiresyoucreate (beauty)  (worldinspires_art for art and photos) you know that I keep posting small reviews there quite often.

Finally time came to post new hair related article!

Are you excited already?;)

joico moisture recovery schwarzkopf moisture kick blog

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