Essence. Crème brûlée


How are you?

What is a basic eyeshadow color for you? I’m sure a lot of people will answer satin champagne. I know this a very popular shade to use with winger eyeliner. Not everyone wants to leave their eyelids totally bare:)

It’s time to present you a nice universal satin champagne shade: Essence I love nude 03 creme brulee.

essence i love nude

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Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. Joico and Schwarzkopf Professional


I’d write “long time no post” but I wrote this phrase already several times I guess:D

If you follow my instagram worldinspiresyoucreate (beauty)  (worldinspires_art for art and photos) you know that I keep posting small reviews there quite often.

Finally time came to post new hair related article!

Are you excited already?;)

joico moisture recovery schwarzkopf moisture kick blog

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