How Much is Your Face Worth? Tag


I found this interesting tag and decided to make such post also. I never actually calculated how much I spend for face full of make-up:)

I just made a new photos of light day time look so why not to see how much did I spend on a make-up?:)

PicMonkey Collage1

Sorry for light on the full face pictures. A little overexposed.

I will mention approximate prices for some products as I don’t remember exactly. Also some products were bought in Ukraine and I will calculate price using current rate (now it’s higher so prices may seem different).

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Bourjois Smoky eyes trio 06 violet romantic review

I posted a lilac make-up not long time ago and I decided to show you  eyeshadows separately

which I used for this look —> Light lilac smoke  and tell about pluses and minuses.


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Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

Hi again!:)

I’m very generous on posts today 😀

I already have one post about products from Balea brand ( Balea products review. Part 1 ) and I’m planning to make second part as I tried more products.

I decided to make a new type of posts “Three must-try products” from some particular brand. I will start from Balea and actually I will write one more (or few more) posts about must-try Balea products separately from general reviews as they have looooots of products to try and I don’t know how many I will like a lot later;)



Feuchtigkeits Spülung Mango + Aloe Vera

Moisturizing Conditioner Mango + Aloe Vera


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Dr.Organic, The Body Shop, Aromax. Tea tree oil in 3 products.


I’m sure lots of girls who has blemish-prone skin knows about Tea tree oil and its benefits.

Of course I’m also among those girls. I’m always interested in a product which has tea tree oil. 🙂

Today I want to share with you my experience with 2 face washes and one essential oil.

Dr. Organic, The body shop, Aromax

tea tree set

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