Bourjois Smoky eyes trio 06 violet romantic review

I posted a lilac make-up not long time ago and I decided to show you  eyeshadows separately

which I used for this look —> Light lilac smoke  and tell about pluses and minuses.







Pigmentation / color on skin: You can see in the make-up look white and light lilac color, but it’s hard to see violet as it’s not as dark as it appears in packaging or on swatches. On one hand you can apply more and make it darker but still it won’t look as wonderfull as on swatch. On the other hand this allows to create a light smokey effect for day time which I like a lot. Check link above with make-up using this palette.

Long-lasting or not? They stay all day on my eyelids, may be fade a little after some hours.

+ beautiful shades;
+ nice packaging;
+ long-lasting;
+ can get awesome light smokey effect which is perfect for the day time (and evening)  for those who are bored with beige-golden eyeshadows;

+ looks amazing on brown eyes (I think so) :).

— hard to get color on eyelids the same as in a pallete;
— a little dusty;
— you can’t create really dark smokey eye make-up;
— price;
— you get uncomfortable applicator, too small,but very cute 🙂 .

Did you try this trio? Do you like Bourjois?

Have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “Bourjois Smoky eyes trio 06 violet romantic review

  1. I have a trio with green eyeshadows, same like yours…just green. I used it a lot before, not so much any more. Generally, I am a big Bourjois fan though…to me they are among the good drugstore brands, a bit like high-end quality at a drugstore price. My current fav from them: the cream to powder blushes 🙂

    • Oh, I didn’t see this blushes in stores, only in local online store and they disappeared already:D I didn’t catch any. I use every day their simple blush, like it very much. And I think they have nice packaging also. Did you try their foundations? I tried Healthy Mix. Smells like berries and nice foundation in general:)

      • Yes, I have the Healthy Mix too, like it very much. I generally prefer Korean bb creams, but when I do use foundation it’s the Healthy Mix from Bourjois.

        Oh if you find the cream blushes, you should try them…they are really awesome!!!

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