Art or not? Chop that lipstick #1


Is it nice to look at or you feel pity for that juicy magenta stick? 

“Behind the scenes”: I hope you guessed that I wanted to present a lipstick as a dessert, so we have some sugar powder, mint leaves and nice black stone plate here. I didn’t chop lipstick you see on photos. This Collistar lipstick has the most gorgeous packaging so I couldn’t do it but for photo it was absolutely perfect. It supposed to look more “cruel” :D. Would you chop lipstick which comes in limited edition Murano glass packaging? I don’t think so:).

As usual all photos are mine and obviously can’t be stolen. I “lost” a tool I was using to make watermarks so this one will hang like this for now and I just just came up with new “stamp” for my Photography section. :/

Have a nice day! Take 15 min to enjoy coffee or tea 🙂