Nice cards – nice messages!

I decided to show some of the cards I received from different people with their messages. It’s very interesting to read usually, especially when people write some stories or just something about themself. You receive a card, nice wishes and some information about a person from other part of the world! I find this very exciting!  You will see funny bugs and flowers because I needed to cover my private data:)

postcrossing 2 postcrossing 4 postcrossing collage1 postcrossing3 postcrossing5 postcrossing6 postcrossing7



“Necessary” stuff to make your cards awesome

 Again about postcrossing…

About decorating cards: 

This blog is in so minimalistic style..but with cards I’m not always like that. I like to send nice cards with something pleasant written on the back..BUT sometimes (when you see cards from China,for example) you understand that you need to decorate cards with different funny small things:D

About envelopes:

Also some people in postcrossing don’t like envelopes but when you exchange several cards or you want to add something interesting with card you just can’t skip envelope .

What do I use (what you may use if you like) :

I like sometimes not only to write but to draw  something cute on cards. That’s why I have colorful set of sparkling gel pens and black gel pen (like to draw in black a lot). Also it’s fun to write “Hi” for example with multi-color pencil:)

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