Christmas decorations

Hi! How are you? Christmas is almost here:) depends on your local time:)

I’m sorry I was a little bit away from blog. I hope I didn’t miss anything (I will check all posts of people I follow as usual) and you didn’t miss me toooo much:D:D

I decided to show you some decorations at my home. I made more photos but couldn’t fit everything in one collage, so I choosed just few:)

And do you like to decorate your home for Christmas?

christmas decorations1Have a nice day!!!:)


Get to know me Tag


How are you?

I was tagged by my wordpress friend (why not?:))  Ginger Loves Make-up. Thank you!

I’d be glad to read answers of other bloggers, so you are welcome to do this tag!

If you want me not  to miss it, post a link in the comments:) I will read your post 100% !

Let’s start

Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Straight. Or almost straight:)

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Party-Holiday make-up look. Classy style

Hi! 🙂

How are you?

I decided to share with you my latest make-up look. I did it once at home just to try. And I went like this to buy some food:D But I wiped my lipstick as it was a little bit too bright for going to buy a bread:D

Next day I went with the same look to party but with different hairstyle.

I hope you like it. I didn’t do anything bright or super-dark. It’s not very seen on photo but on a half of the bottom lash line I have quite a lot of black eyeshadow which is connected with winged eyeliner (loooooong wing:D) . This small details (looooong wing and black eyeshadow) made this make-up not so everyday.

PicMonkey Collage2


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Pleasant days

I decided to make a small collage of photos with things that can make a simple day more pleasant:)

So you know… I don’t tell that THINGS should make you smile and make your day better..No..But some things you can buy can definitely make your mood better:D

May be I will make such posts from time to time. Would you like?:)

daily pleasant things

Cute cosy socks, presents from someone or just from you to yourself (spoil yourself without a reason), coffee(tea) in some cafe with  nice atmosphere or coffee with a good book, or just making yourself tasty drink at home with chocolates and writting on blog, a cup (mine is customized with photos from my wedding), your fluffy friend (if you don’t have fluffy friend you can use human one:D).

On one of the “coffee drinking” photos I have a letter from my friend. A real letter. That definitely makes you smile:)

What are your small things which make day better?:)

p.s. I’m really sorry for all mistakes I make in my posts:)