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If you are reading my blog and you want to see more posts on particular topic, please let me know. I forgot a little about Cooking/Drawing/Photography/etc. sections but I’m going to fill this gap:) If you are interested in more haircare or hairstyles for short-medium hair or anything else  please let me know. 🙂


Popular products: To buy or to skip?


I’m sure this happened to a lot of girls, especially those who read or watch blogs:)

You see some product everywhere and everyone claims it’s sooo good or it works magically or something else like that. And you…

a) run and buy it instantly;

b)you think and then buy it;

c) you keep yourself for weeks-years and still buy it;

d) you are strong, you don’t care and you don’t buy such products ever! 🙂

6 Popular products – To buy or to skip?

popular products

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Shopaholic? Think before you buy…sometimes


Sometimes we buy product because it looks pretty/cute/etc., sometimes we buy product  to bring variety in our make-up bags, BUT sometimes we can buy make-up just to buy.

10+ shade of nude pink or lipstick which you don’t need right now (Need and make-up? What am I talking about?:D ) or cheap product for joy but which you can’t afford right now anyway.

I don’t want to say with this post “Don’t buy make-up” or “Don’t buy 10+ lipsticks”. I’m not even against spontaneous buys!  I want to say that sometimes we need to think more.  You can eat less junk food (if you do) and buy make-up but never choose make-up over healthy eating.

Why am I writing this? I decided to show you what could I buy for a price of Essence longlasting lipstick!

PicMonkey Collage11
1 kg of cucumbers, 1 kg 174 gr of grapes, 310 gr of plums, 4 pieces of rye bread (I still have 0.36 euro cents to have a price of Essence lipstick).

What do you think about this post?

Have a nice day!:)

Herbosophy. For colored hair


Some time ago I tried a hair care from romanian(I think so) brand Herbosophy. They have face care, body care and hair care products. I was a little afraid to try something for face so I decided to start with hair:).

You can find Herbosophy products in Romania, Sensiblu pharmacy.

Herbosophy sampon si balsam pentru par vopsit ceai verde si proteine din matase/ Herbosohy shampoo and conditioner for colored hair with green tea and silk proteins

herbosophy pentru par vopsit

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Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 2.


I  have one post about Balea products already ( Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 1. )and here is a second part. I’m preparing even third one already:). Also you can read Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

Today I review 5 products from Balea.

Augen Make-up Entferner ölhaltig

I never used  2-phased make-up removers before. At first it felt strange and oily but then I understood that it’s a good thing. I keep a cotton pad for a few seconds with this remover and even my 1000+ layers of mascara start to melt. It not only removes mascara very good but doesn’t allow you to overdry under eye area even if you start to rub (It’s bad to rub but I rub a little doesn’t matter what product I use:) ). If you like such type of eye make-up removers you should try this one. It’s pretty cheap.

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Wings and honey


How are you?

It’s time for make-up look post! 🙂

blog makeup
Products used: Lumene CC, Alverde pudra transparent, Victoria Shu eye pencil, Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in Honey, Too Faced Boudoir eyeshadow palette, Rimmel scandaleyes gel eyeliner, Alverde Colourful paradise Bronzing powder, Essence Get big lashes mascara, Max factor Clump defy mascara(on bottom lashes as it’s almost empty).

P.S. There is always a hero on my photos..and it’s FAIRY for dishes:D did anyone notice?:D

Do you use eyeliner? What is your favorite everyday lipstick?

Have a nice day!:)