Sophie loves make-up

Sophie wants to say “Hi!”  to you!

 She prepared for you a tutorial how to choose a blush!

She proposed the best steps ..WATCH-TOUCH-SMELL 😀sophie and makeup

sophie and makeup2


Petrol accent … make-up

Make-up again:)


May be for someone it’s too bright for day but there is no wings, smokey eyes, etc, which makes your look more dramatic and make-up toooo bright.

Today we unite pink, a little bit of black (grey) and petrol color. Petrol  can be called differently but the eyeshadow I used is called like this.

So you know..I don’t process my photos in general. So If you can find some wrinkle or blemishes they are just there and I don’t “photoshop”  everything.  Only if it’s some really seen spot. If I did I’d definitely draw  myself beautiful brows:D

pink petroleum

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40 Beauty Questions Tag

Hi! 🙂

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything new and interesting for some time. I have ideas for posts just didn’t have an inspiration:)

So I decided to write at least a TAG post, which I found…. I don’t remeber in whose blog exactly. 🙂

I hope it won’t be too boring for you.

I won’t tag any particular bloggers but I’d like to read answers of all beauty bloggers who never did this tag before. So you are welcome!:)


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Blonde, go dark!!! :) From blonde to light cool brown

Hi! 🙂

Today we will see blonde transformation as you already probably got from the name of this post. 🙂

Note: I’m not responsible for any results of coloring your hair with hair dyes I’m talking about. It’s a story about my hair, not an instruction. 

So.. I already changed my color not long time ago and I made a post. I should tell that the cold shade left me pretty fast as my hair was bleached before. I still had a hint of that tone, but it looked much whiter.

I was thinking long and looooooong and finally I decided to go dark, so I don’t need to bleach my roots anymore, just coloring. Yes,it was hard decision as I’m so used to be blonde. It was soooo my style:) But for several years of blonde my hair became not so good. I make everything so they look volumed and healthy, but I started to suffer from breakage :/ That’s why I cut my hair previous year and now I decided I need to stop being blonde to save my hair least for some time. I was afraid that with darker color I would look boring/older/simple/like everyone else/etc.

But anyway I bought a hair dye 😀

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Fine medium length hair? Don’t know how to style without heat?

I have fine hair and it’s not dense. But I love volume and such “fluffy” hairstyles. I like my hair to look like it’s dense. If my hair just hanging with no’s a bad hair day.

I’m going to write several posts about how to style fine medium length hair. You can use this ideas for shorter hair and longer, but I don’t think this will work with very long hair.

This hairstyle is HEATLESS!!! It will give you super volume, which no “dryinghairwithheaddown” will give you:)

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Sparkling black

Hi! 🙂

I didn’t paint my nails in dark colors for long time so two days ago I finally decided to make BLACK manicure!

Let’s see what I’ve done..

Black flormar +golden rose impression
I used black nail polish from Flormar with top coat Golden Rose Impression, which has white,red long sparkling elements and small raspberry color sparkles. Just it’s hard to see on photo all details.

What do you think? Do you like black nails?