Sky on my nails. Flormar 423.


How are you?

What nail polish color do you wear today?:)

flormar 423

Have a nice day!:)


Interview. View of a man: Beauty obsessions, blogging, make-up.

Hi! How are you?

I came up with an interesting idea. Are you prepared?:)

I decided to invite a man for an interview and post his opinion on such topics as beauty, make-up, beautyblogging and obsessions.

loreal makeup blog interview

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Beauty blogs and photography


How are you?

Note: I don’t state I’m a master of beauty-blogging photography. I don’t have an intention to offend anyone or anyone’s tastes. Every blogger is free to do whatever they want with their blogs.

So.. Photography and beauty blogging.

beautyblogging and photography

Did you notice what I did with this photo?:D Right, it’s not informative but I wanted to emphasize my point:)

I’d like to talk with you about bloggers who pay attention to photos in their blogs, who takes time to make their photos attractive.

Did you ever notice alike blogs with the same style and photos which look the same?

1. Too many overexposed photos. Why? Yes, it may look nice  sometimes when photo is a little overexposed. Let it be just beautiful if a particular photo doesn’t contain any information  for readers. But if you are showing make-up products and you even open packaging why to overexpose it? Sometimes I can’t even see shade of lipstick/blush/nail polish/etc. And there is no more informative photos in the post.  If there is no swatches but lipstick looks interesting to me I will search for it. If I can’t even guess a shade I will just scroll and forget about that post. I won’t even read the name of shades. May be it’s just me. But I’d need to search for each shade to find some interesting one. I can do that without reading a blog. 

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Body Care: Elmiplant Skinnergy


How are you? I ask this all the time and noone replies:D

I guess this post will be more useful for my romanian readers (if I have any.. I guess I have one:D).

Not long time ago Elmiplant launched their new line of body lotions called Skinnergy. I use body creams all the time so how could I skip this attractive packaging?

elmiplant skinnergy

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Easy make-up look for summer 2015. Tutorial.


How are you?

Today is a good day to show you a summer make-up tutorial. 🙂

I hope you will like it!

If you are going on a seaside this summer or on some crazy festival or may be you just hang out with your friends in the hot summer evening this tutorial will give you an idea how to look trendy, summerish and not to spend eternity in front of the mirror:)

Let’s start!

I already applied light foundation, concealer and eyebrow pencil. So prep your face and we are going to start right now!:)

tutorial summer makeup 2015

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