Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 2.


I  have one post about Balea products already ( Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 1. )and here is a second part. I’m preparing even third one already:). Also you can read Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

Today I review 5 products from Balea.

Augen Make-up Entferner ölhaltig

I never used  2-phased make-up removers before. At first it felt strange and oily but then I understood that it’s a good thing. I keep a cotton pad for a few seconds with this remover and even my 1000+ layers of mascara start to melt. It not only removes mascara very good but doesn’t allow you to overdry under eye area even if you start to rub (It’s bad to rub but I rub a little doesn’t matter what product I use:) ). If you like such type of eye make-up removers you should try this one. It’s pretty cheap.

Seidenglanz Spülung Feige + Perle

This product I bought thanks yo a blogger A pound of luck! She told that she likes it more than Aloe+Mango. So I decided to try it as I find Aloe+Mango a very good conditioner for its price. For my hair I didn’t notice any difference between this two conditioner. This one smells more sweet and very pleasant but the result is the same for me. I like it as much as I like Aloe+Mango. It detangles wonderfully and makes hair softer, doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Trend it up Beach-Look Salz-Spray

Probably not the healthiest product for your hair because of the alcohol. I know there are salt sprays just based on the sea salt (expensive one). But let’s forget about ingredients:) It’s cheap and it works! I don’t know how it will work on long hair but for short and medium length hair it will work good. You spray it on a damp (not wet) hair and then start to dry with hairdrier scrunching (is it a proper word?) your hair in a hand. I got very nice messy volumed hair. Better than after the beach actually:) You hair left looking very chaotic and chic at the same time. But as you can guess your hair is not shiny with such hairstyle. 

Rasiergel Summer Garden

Smells pleasant. Does its job. But I liked foam more than their gel. (no particular reason why).


Smells very pleasant and fresh. Contains pretty big particles. Very pleasant feeling to massage your feel with this foot peeling. Doesn’t take (Of course) dry and hard skin, may be just very very very little. I noticed after few times then it leaves my feet more smooth and moisturized. May be it’s a magic of self-hypnosis:D

 Did you try anything from this post? Is there a product from Balea you hate?

Have a nice day! 🙂



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