Dr.Organic, The Body Shop, Aromax. Tea tree oil in 3 products.


I’m sure lots of girls who has blemish-prone skin knows about Tea tree oil and its benefits.

Of course I’m also among those girls. I’m always interested in a product which has tea tree oil. 🙂

Today I want to share with you my experience with 2 face washes and one essential oil.

Dr. Organic, The body shop, Aromax

tea tree set

1. Dr.Organic Tea Tree Face Wash

dr.organic tea tree wash

+ Cleans skin very good;

+ Smells very pleasant (citrus). Feels refreshing in the morning or after make-up;

– At start I liked it a lot! But then it started to dry my skin very much. :/ I could see dry flakes on my nose just after I washed my face. I never saw any face wash doing this. I don’t know why on start it felt so good and then…disappointment;

– Can’t tell whether it helps with blemishes or not, but it cleans skin good from all dirt.

I won’t buy it again.

2. The Body Shop Cool & Creamy Wash

the body shop cool and creamy

the body shop cool and creamy ingredients

+ Refreshing feeling (probably from menthol);

+ Doesn’t dry my skin at all;

+ Makes your face squeaky clean;

– I can’t tell whether it influence on blemishes as I don’t use just this product;

– Price/Volume (just 100 ml).

May be I will buy it again. I tried it only because of 50% discount. 🙂

Important note:) : I don’t use face wash to get rid of make-up. I use it in the morning and after products made for make-up removal.

I don’t know whether this washes can take away make-up. I guess Dr.organic-may be, The body shop – I don’t think so due to it’s very creamy texture.


Dr. Organic Tea Tree Face wash – trasparent (a little-little light  green) gel.

The Body Shop Cool&Creamy Wash – thick, creamy texture, remind toothpaste.

Both of  washes don’t lather. Dr. organic – a little 😀

3. Aromax Essential Tea Tree Oil 

aromax tea tree

I think it’s from Hungaria. I used an essential tea tree oil from lots of brands. I bought this one from Aromax two times and I think I found out that it’s not pure essential oil. Little disappointment. But it works. I believe 100% pure would work wonders!?

I use a cotton bud to apply tea tree essential oil on blemishes and  even after one night I see some improvement.  Spot treatment. I religiously buy tea tree oil for some time already.

+ Natural;

+ Help to get rid of some problems on your face, has antimicrobial effect;

– Some people can be allergic to pure tea tree oil;

– Doesn’t help instantly (but what does?);

– Hard to understand are you buying pure or not pure oil;

– Some oils marked “100% pure” are very expensive. For example. Dr. Organic Tea Tree Pure Oil.

Don’t use essential oils when you go outside, especially on sun. Take into account that some essential oils can’t be used directly on skin, but Tea tree oil can be used. Check firstly if you are allergic to it using just a dot (from cotton bud) of oil.

Do you use Tea Tree oil as spot treatment? Or do you add it to some masks? May be you can suggest some good face wash from combination blemish-prone skin?:)

I’d be glad to read your comments.

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Dr.Organic, The Body Shop, Aromax. Tea tree oil in 3 products.

    • Thank for you comment and information! I tried for now only tea tree oil and I even didn’t search for anything else like that. I hope it will suit and work for you also.

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