“Necessary” stuff to make your cards awesome

 Again about postcrossing…

About decorating cards: 

This blog is in so minimalistic style..but with cards I’m not always like that. I like to send nice cards with something pleasant written on the back..BUT sometimes (when you see cards from China,for example) you understand that you need to decorate cards with different funny small things:D

About envelopes:

Also some people in postcrossing don’t like envelopes but when you exchange several cards or you want to add something interesting with card you just can’t skip envelope .

What do I use (what you may use if you like) :

I like sometimes not only to write but to draw  something cute on cards. That’s why I have colorful set of sparkling gel pens and black gel pen (like to draw in black a lot). Also it’s fun to write “Hi” for example with multi-color pencil:)

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…Novels, which make you smile and bring good mood

Novels for girls, who want to entertain themselves with reading.

It’s time for books which bring good mood and smile to your face! Actually to girls’ faces only:)

There are books for brain and book for soul. So we are going to talk about books for soul and rest, which can cheer you up, make you laugh and just turn your day to be sunny day:)

Of course, may be someone is not a fan of such books or this author… BUT Everyone else is welcome.

Sophie Kinsella

(Madeleine Sophie Wickham)

Here we will skip all info about her, because you can just open her site or wikipedia and read bio.


(list of books I read)

As Sophie Kinsella

The Shopaholic series

  1. The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also titled Confessions of a Shopaholic) (2000)
  2. Shopaholic Abroad (also titled Shopaholic Takes Manhattan) (2001)
  3. Shopaholic Ties The Knot (2001)
  4. Shopaholic & Sister (2004)
  5. Shopaholic & Baby (2007)
  6. Mini Shopaholic (2010)

I read all Shopaholic series and I should say that 4 of 6 books were more exciting for me, than 5 and 6. It was already too much and even it was still funny it felt like it’s enough of this story:)

First 4 books I read very fast. It was hard to stop, because it was interesting,funny and gave some pleasant feeling for all day. 

Standalone novels

Wonderful books!!! I recommend them all!! All first 5!!!:) 

If you feel bored or tired of hard work or you just go to cafe and want to read something light and pleasant what should you take with you is book of Sophie Kinsella.

There are books which were published under name Madeleine Wickham. I read only one Cocktails for Three (2000) and this book is  quite interesting. But I can’t compare them to books published later under the name Sophie Kinsella.

Did you read any of her books?

Navy mood

New post in Beauty.

Make up which was made for a day (even it’s a little dark), but if to blend more and make cat eyes it will look wonderful for evening.

Colors: blue (navy), light blue, yellow, pink

 I show on photos products I used. You can use same colors from different brands. It doesn’t matter.

camera ate some colors and it’s hard to see where is a little bit of pink and where blue combined with yellow and gave green :/

avon primer anastasiias
Fiкst as usual we will apply a base on eyelids. It’s important when you use bright colors. But if you don’t have it’s totally ok. If eyeshadows are good you can deal without primer.
s-he stylezone anastasiias
Colors I’m going to use. Even if on photo will be hard to see where is pink 😀
Eyeshadows are not matte, more like satin. Darkest color will be used in outer corner of eye, yellow in inner and on lower lash line together with light blue and dark blue, blended from darker to lighter. Pink (hardly seen) will be used a little upper crease and blended (very blended:) )with about a half of upper line of already applied eyeshadows. I’m so bad in description 😀
flormar anastasiia
White baked eyeshadows with small sparkles will be used as a little highlighting spot in the inner corner of an eye.
essence eye liners anastasiias
White kajal will be used on the waterline of the eye.
Black – to draw a line on upper lash line.
maybelline volum express anastasiia
To finish this look we need our favorite mascara. I’m going to use Maybelline Volum’ express with curved brush.
navy mood by anastasiias
This final result. I hope you like it.

What do you think?


So different movies…

It’s time for a small talk about cinematography. Have you ever been asked what is your favorite  movie or what is the best movie in the world? I think 80% of people will tell about some drama. I can’t agree with such question or an answer.  Why? How can you choose the best movie from different jenre? Some drama can’t be a better movie than a comedy just because it made you cry, touched or made you think. How can you compare potato with strawberry? But you can eat both of them. Some movies are breathtaking, activate you brain, make you feel something deep in your soul. Other movies make you laugh, feel joyful, give you a wonderful mood for all day and inspire.  There are movies for brain and there are movies for soul.  You can choose some drama to be the best only among dramas, comedy – among comedies, adventure movie only among movies of the same genre. We don’t compare nude photography to scenery one, so don’t do this with movies.

What do you think?

p.s. if someone doesn’t know I’m not a native speaker and I’m sorry for mistakes. Read my intro to blog.:)



Cats can be the best models:)

A photo from Cat series.
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Soon I’m going to add more photos of each set and even more:)

P.S.  All photos you will find under Photography were made by me. 


 Hi, World:)

One more Beauty post for today.  Tender make up which you can wear in the day,  in the evening or for some event.

Colors:  light pink, violer, black

I hope you like it!

I show on photos products I used. You can use same colors from different brands. It doesn’t matter.

avon eyeshadow base_anastasiias
To make our makeup longlasting we will need eyeshadow base. I’m using the one from Avon.
Bell eyeshadows anastasiias
The color we will need for this look is violet and light pink, both matte.
Here you can see eyeshadows from Bell Fashion&mat
On photo violet looks a little blue-ish.
avon eyeshadows black
Also in this look I used black color eyeshadow from Avon pallete, which will be blended and will look very transparent. It will be use in the outer corner of the eye.
flormar anastasiias
White eyeshadow with sparkles will be used in the inner corner of our eye.
Sparkles in eyeshadows are very small.
flormar eyeshadows anastasiias
This pink baked eyeshadow from Flormar (or any other alike) can be applied in the middle of the eyelid. I did like that several time for evening. In final look for this post I didn’t use it.
essence pencils
For upper lash line I propose to use black eyepencil. I use Essence Longlasting eyepencil.
And for waterline – white kajal pencil. I have from Essence. You can take the one you have. It will make our eyes wider and more opened.

Finish look with your favorite mascara.  I used Maybelline  colossal volum express.(You may see some clumps, sorry, I was ending mascara)

tenderness by anastasiias
Tenderness. Look for any occasion:)

Do you like?

Have a nice day!

E.l.f. Baked Blush.Other way to use


First post in Beauty 🙂 And I’d like to start with Baked Blush from E.l.f., color Pinktastic. Before ordering I read some reviews on it. Actually I didn’t need a blush but I found out you can use the lightest as higlighter. Actually darker tones (pink, peach) look great on face as blush (I saw good review with pics). But but but I didn’t like this pinktastic as highlighter it’s a light golden, which is not good as highlighter for my white skin. And for blush it’s too light and sparkling, so I decided to leave it and use like  shimmer powder for  decollete or shoulders, may be somewhere on face for evening little, when I get  tan.

Suddenly I found better way to use it. LiKE EYSHADOWS. Yeah, makeup is such a sphere where all products are like colors for artist, you may use them wherever you want:) I’m not a fan of using one color on eyelids and finish like this make up. But this blush is good for no make up make up 🙂 and it made my simple lazy look on eyes (just mascara) more interesting.

I’m sorry if  you can’t see color good on photo, because camera “eats” it but I  tried my best. All photos are made by me, not taken from somewhere 🙂

e.l.f. baked blush
Going to be used as eyeshadow for super natural look:)
avon eyeshadows, primer, brush
~Under pinktastic all over lid is used eyeshadow base from Avon (doesn’t matter which base you use).
~For lash line is used a color marked with arrow from a pallete from Avon. I’m not a fan of Avon, I got this two products as a present and I like them. especially base. You may use some darker eyeshadow as dark brown or black
~And brushes which may be used for applying our blush as eyeshadow, also you may use simple applicator which goes with any eyeshadows.
maybelline mascara
And to finish this easy look I will take mascara from Maybelline with curved brush
e.l.f. pinktastic
Here what we’ve got! : )Found a way to use baked blush from E.l.f. in color pinktasti.Simple natural look with little shimmer on eyelids, which make eyes not look as simple as with just mascara.
p.s. sorry on photo with closed eyes you can’t see anything good :/

Of course as I said you can find several ways to use it or you may use it as eyeshadow in  more complex make up or as highlighter under eyebrow in brown-gold looks:) Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I hope this was interesting to you.

Have a nice day!