Oooh, soooo glow…


Do you like to glow?

Are you  a highlighter addict? Do you own Essence Soo glow? No? Why?!!! 🙂

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My preeeecious. + info for romanians:)

Hi! How are you?

A week and a half ago I got two new pairs of earrings:)

I made some photos and decided to share with you.

I don’t know when actually such earrings appeared. I saw double earrings before but with balls is something popular now.   The idea is not new in general as some may think:)

They became popular because of  celebrities wearing Mise En Dior Tribal. Now you can find on internet lots of different colors and styles of such double earrings. If you don’t want to spend $290 (I found also $645 price … crazy?)  for Dior I will tell you “Good idea!”. You can buy Dior one if you can afford it..Of course, why not. But from my current point of view ( How cool I put it:D) there is no sense to spend such amount of money on  “Dior” engraved at the base of your earring. It’s not gemstones with precious metals.

double earrings

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Good price. Good quality.

Hi! How are you?

I was going to write this post at least a week ago..and finally I’m here:)

Today’s topic:  New budget-friendly hair products.

May be not so new for some of you but new for me:) I saw Gliss shampoo long time ago but I didn’t try and L’oreal conditioner appeared not long time in our stores.

I already have a post about inexpensive silicone-free shampoos. If you are interested Budget-friendly silicone-free shampoos.

elseve ulei extraordinar gliss million gloss

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