Hair Care: Goldwell, Garnier, Balea, Brelil, Salthouse, The Body Shop


Today I’m going to review several hair care products, brushes and combs.

All hair care maniacs should continue reading:D


 Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 

Cream shampoo for dry and stressed hair and Anti-breakage conditioner

Shampoo is creamy and pleasant. Doesn’t dry hair. Smells nice.

Conditioner is not very thick, creamy. Detangles hair very very good(love it!). Leaves hair soft, smooth, moisturized and strong. Damaged hair looks much better with this combo. If you use this combo for too long it may start to overweigh your hair. If you have good, healthy, not colored hair you should skip this shampoo and conditioner. It’s good for damaged/dry/colored/highlighted/blonde/fine and normal hair/should be good for unruly and curly hair.

I recommend this combo!

Shampoo from photo doesn’t contain silicones but the ingredient list on internet (international on-line store) is different.

Balea Feuchtigkeits Spulung Mango+Aloe Vera (Moisturizing conditioner)

It’s a wonderful cheap silicone-free conditioner which makes your hair smooth and moisturized.  I’m not sure it will suit for coarse, unruly hair. You can read about it here—> Balea from DM. Three Must-try products. Face-hair-body.

Balea Colorglanz 2 minuten kur Cocos+Tiareblute ( 2 Minutes Color Shine Mask)

This product is dicontinued.  Balea Colorglanz mask smells very pleasant and it contains coconut oil. But I think that Mango+Aloe conditioner works better with tangles and dryness. The new version for colored hair is Farbglanz Blutorange+Moringa.

Brelil Numero Crema Ristrutturante all’Avena ( Restructing Oat Mask)

Very very good mask! You can read my review on this mask here —>Current favorites. Hair: leave-in treatments, mask

Salthouse Totes Meer Therapie Shampoo

This shampoo is for sensitive/dry scalp, dandruff. It contains Tea Tree oil and Sea Salt. I don’t have dandruff, dry scalp, etc. and actually I bought this shampoo not for myself but then I decided to use it also. I can’t tell whether it helps with the problems I wrote above about but I can tell that this shampoo cleans hair very good and doesn’t dry it. Probably Tea tree oil can help with greasy scalp.

The Body Shop Paddle Brush

Good paddle brush. At first I thought it’s harsh to scalp but now I like it very much. It brushes hairspray away very easily and you can massage your head with it. It’s a little expensive but with discount it costs ok.

Garnier Ultra Doux Tonifying Shampoo 5 plants

Good basic shampoo. It smells fresh with some plants. Hair feels light, fresh and clean. It doesn’t  contain silicones and doesn’t make from hair wet nest. The same line conditioner is also a good product.

The Body Shop Detangling Comb

The best wide-tooth wooden comb ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a perfect comb for wet/damp hair! You can comb wet hair with it and you don’t need to worry that your hair will be damaged after. If you use conditioner the comb just glides through hair after. You get combed and not ruined hair. Also it’s an amazing tool for separating curls/waves.

Unknown chinese comb 🙂

Chinese comb from hotel:D Such type of comb is a perfect tool for styling hair. I use it to spread my hair uniformly  on a crown  and all over head (if you see that your hair lays in lines, etc…hard to explain). Also you can backcomb your hair with it. I don’t do that but you can with such type of comb.

Read about other hair care and hair styling products: 

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First impression: Gliss Hyaluron+Hair Filler Leave-in Conditioner+Update
Nivea Styling spray. Fix your hair for ~3$

Did you try any of this products? What is your favorite shampoo/conditioner? May be I can try something you recommend.

Have a nice day!


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