Fenty Glow vs Fu$$y. Fenty Beauty.


I have a post about Fenty Glow shade so I decided I need to show Fu$$y as well. If you want to see a difference between them, continue reading.

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Makeup Favorites 2018.

What is the best way to start a year on your blog? Right, to write about favorites of the previous year.

Last year I made a very big list of great products as it was the year of new discoveries in high-end makeup for me. “The best” post became so huge that I couldn’t finish it, and I’m sure noone would finish reading it. So I wrote big lipstick overview post. This year I went traditional so… Welcome.. Makeup Favorites of 2018. I would call this post most used/products which stand out. There are plenty of other products I mentioned on Instagram this year, which are great but they didn’t make this list. And it doesn’t mean I started to hate them, of course. There are several products in this post, which I got in second half of the year or even in November, and they deserve to be on this list.

faves 2018 makeup

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Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. Universal Lip luminizer. One for everyone?

Just recently brands were launching more demi-matte formulas and glosses. And now another type of lipsticks became popular to launch, matte powder finish lipsticks in a bullet. Drama Matte from Lancome, Powder Kiss by Mac, Velvet extreme by Chanel and even Bobbi Brown describes their new Luxe Matte lipsticks as “oil-infused powders and pure matte powder pigments”. I’m going to talk about one of those later. And now let’s come back to glosses. I own several glosses right now. They are great and I don’t even need more glosses. But what is NEED in makeup anyway?:D So here comes Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

fenty luminizer review

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Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation 1W review. Shade comparison.

     Dior Backstage foundation was and is probably one of the most talked about foundation. Megan’s makeup for Royal wedding was definitely one of the reasons why so many people were waiting to try it. Other reason is not typical Dior approach. Packaging, price and line in general seems to be targeted towards makeup artists and everything screams about it.  It’s supposed to be simple and effective. Stores got separate stand for new Backstage collection and fancy eyeshadow packagings are awaiting for customers separately from their new family memebers. One of the biggest surprises for everyone was a color range of foundation. There are 40 shades and you will be surprised but people still complain on instagram. I can’t complain about shades as they have cool, neutral and warm already at shade 0, which is really pale.  Majority of that pale foundations are usually pink toned, bit less pale are neutral. For my palest state neutral works fine but once I get tiny bit of tan I choose something leaning to warm and once I have moderate tan anything neutral looks totally wrong.

dior backstage 1 (1).jpg

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I’ve been loving lately… And New In.

Hi! How is blogging and non-blogging world doing?:)

I think I should stop writing “I didn’t write for a long time..” in each of my posts and here I did it again. 😀 If you don’t follow me on instagram, here is my account @worldinspiresyoucreate I post very often there and I think probably I got stuck there in a way.

I’d like to share some recent favorites of mine and I hope you will share in the comments some of your recent beauty “obsessions”.


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2017 Year in Lip products. Overview, faves and disappointments.

Hi! How are you? How is beauty blogging world doing?

As you may know I’m more active on instagram now but to be sincere I still find proper blogs most useful and Instagram a source of visual content and fast information.  *start talking about unrelated  to beauty things* Did you know how social media and internet world affects us more and more? Impossible amount information from all sides, attractive headlines and short description. It becomes harder to keep ourself focused and concentrated long on one thing. It’s getting harder to read fully a long article. Not only we get used to a big amount of small portions of information but you constantly get distracted by thousand headlines around something you are trying to read already. Why am i telling all this?  May be I’m trying to prepare you for a long post:D Are you ready?

2017. Beauty. I should say for me this was quite a shopping year in beauty (of course depends whom to compare to, but let’s say “to my mind”). There were lots of discoveries in expensive segment of makeup. A lot of excitement for some brands and products I have never tried but wanted to try so much, lots of fresh thoughts and feelings about how more refined your choices become, how you get more picky and less excited for lots of new releases. I can’t say I’m not excited anymore about makeup. I am, I like it but at some point it’s harder to impress you and keep your interest just by label “new” or “limited edition” on it.

Too much talking. Let’s go to makeup. Today is a good day to discuss lip products. You will see discoveries, faves and disappointments. It’s not just Favorites of the year but let’s call them Highlights.

blog faves 2017 _1

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Art or not? Chop that lipstick #1


Is it nice to look at or you feel pity for that juicy magenta stick? 

“Behind the scenes”: I hope you guessed that I wanted to present a lipstick as a dessert, so we have some sugar powder, mint leaves and nice black stone plate here. I didn’t chop lipstick you see on photos. This Collistar lipstick has the most gorgeous packaging so I couldn’t do it but for photo it was absolutely perfect. It supposed to look more “cruel” :D. Would you chop lipstick which comes in limited edition Murano glass packaging? I don’t think so:).

As usual all photos are mine and obviously can’t be stolen. I “lost” a tool I was using to make watermarks so this one will hang like this for now and I just just came up with new “stamp” for my Photography section. :/

Have a nice day! Take 15 min to enjoy coffee or tea 🙂