Not my faves of 2019

There was quite a lot of makeup, which left me unimpressed. I didn’t call this post fails, because some products are good, but not what I wanted/expected. Of course, quite a lot of makeup I purchased during the year became a part of my collection and may be didn’t make it to favourites, but still is liked and loved enough to stay in my makeup drawer.

Let’s talk about products, which I didn’t want to keep/ I didn’t reach for/ disapponted me…

main fails (1)

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Favourites of 2019. Makeup.

Time for favorites 2019! I tried hard to include only new favorites, not necessary launches of the the year, but new to me products I fell in love. But I failed. I will be mentioning some products, which you are probably sick of seeing already on my blog/instagram, but there will be lost of new stuff, so continue reading.

I decided to keep descriptions as short as possible this time but failed again. Let’s start…

faves 19 blog1

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MAC Love me Lipstick in Bated Breath. Review.

MAC recently launched a great new lipstick collection called Love Me Lipstick. I got two shades, Laissez-Faire and Bated Breath. Great names, don’t you think? Today I’m going to show you Bated Breath. I thought showing two in one will make this post too long. I’m still not sure there is at least one person, who read fully my previous Empties post. 🙂

mac love me lipstick review

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