DM: Alverde reviews.Part 1.


For Dm lovers and those who are going to Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic (may be some other country?) and wonders what to buy in Dm I have few posts about Balea products and I decided to write few about Alverde. Alverde is also an affordable brand from DM – drogerie markt and is more natural. Alverde hair products and shower gels are more expensive than Balea ones.

As in Balea post I’m going to write my opinion on several products (Not just one!).

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Summer pedicure at home. Happy feet.


Not long time ago I was invited Julep to participate in Summer DIY Pedi competition.  I didn’t think about any feet posts before so I decided to try. 🙂


I don’t usually do all the steps I’m going to talk about but let’s see the premium-home-pedi-package:D.

I will specify which steps I find necessary and which are not.

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Balea Bodycreme Bezaubernde Freude – Apricot&Basil body cream

I think if you are 14-25 and you live in a country which has DM-drogerie markt you definitely like to check new Balea products:)

Ok, ok..some people don’t like:)

The newest Limited edition Body Cream with Apricot&Basil attracted my attention in a second! Previous year I had LE body cream with peach and it was  a very nice cream. This new one is even better!

balea bezaubernde freude bodycreme

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Make-up products you can live without


Have you ever bought some make-up item just because youtubers/bloggers/pro use it?

Do you end up loving that product every time?products you can live without

I want to write about product which I find unnecessary having in your make-up bag. I don’t tell that they are useless..No! I tell ordinary user can happily live without them. Sometimes we buy such products because “wow, cool thing” or “wow, I saw awesome effect on the photo” and we end up using it once a month. Of course if you are crazy about make-up probably it’s not for you, but for girls who use just some basic set of make-up and want to save themselves from wasting money I think it may be interesting.

Why I find this products not “vital make-up”? Continue reading:)

Sorry if your favorite product is in collage. I randomly picked them. 

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Nivea (aka Labello) Fruity Shine & Vitamin Shake


How are you?

Most of girls own 10+ lipbalms and I’m not an exception.

Ok, I don’t have 10 lipbalms. I got rid of all old and bad ones and I ended with ~3 simple and 3 tinted lipbalms.

Today I will show you 3 perfect tinted lipbalms from Nivea also known in other countries as Labello.

Nivea has quite a big range of tinted lipbalms. The oldest versions are cherry, strawberry, soft rose and perly shine.

My first one was Soft Rose. I got it when I was 13..around 13:D

Here are the latest 3 versions of Nivea tinted lipbalms:

Fruity Shine Watermelon, Fruity Shine Pink Guava and Vitamin Shake Acai and Wild Apple.


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