Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 1.

Balea is a trade mark of DM store. I have no idea in how many countries you can find DM. In Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Austria for sure:)

Balea is a lot of cool cheap products! Of course not all, but a lot of products are really very good. Even the cheapest simpliest shampoo is pretty good. I don’t know how come:D

I won’t post my own photos. Because some products I finished some time ago and usually I don’t have a habit making photos of everything I use:) But when you writea  blog you probably tend to make few pictures of what you bought or what you are using to write about it later.

First I decided to divide this post on hair care products reviews and body care products reviews and face one but then….. 😀

I’m going to be very generous and will post ALL PRODUCTS I tried from Balea till today with small quick reviews. 

It’s only my opinion on products. May be something suits me but won’t suit you or vice versa.

Face and Lips

Balea Aqua Augen Roll-On

Balea Aqua Roll for eyes

Recommend? No! No moisturizing, no effect, useless.

Balea Aqua Tuchmaske

Aqua mask

Recommend? 50/50. Just a mask to make yourself feel pleasant, but I didn’t notice any super-moisturizing action.

Balea Sanfte Reinigungs Milch

Balea Gentle Cleansing Milk

Recommend? Yes. Instruction says to apply this milk on your face, massage with circular motions your skin and wash(or wipe with cotton pads). I’m sorry I don’t remeber, but I applied, massage and used cotton pads and then washed with some other gel. I liked it . It suits for removing eye make-up. At least I didn’t have any unpleasant feeling removing my usually heavy eye make-up in comparison with special eye make up remover which burns my skin. Update: I stopped using it as I started to get unpleasant feeling tryint to remove my eye make-up. Probably it’s better to use just for face.

Balea 3 in 1 Reinigung Peeling Maske mit Fruchtsaure

Balea 3 in 1 Washing Peeling Mask with Fruit acids (as I got)

for combination skin

Recommend? Yes. I don’t use it for every day washing but I like it as a mask. It cleans skin and lightens blackheads and I think it may a little lighten your skin, not sure. For everyday use it’s a little too much for my skin, because it has peeling particles and if you have some breakouts on your face it’s not good to scrub it because you may spread it all over your face.

Balea Soft and Clear Waschgel mit Salizylsaure und Zink / Unreine Haut


Balea Soft and Clear Washgel with Salicylic acid and Zink for problem skin

Recommend? Yes, if you have oily skin. It has alcohol, zink and salicylic acid almost on fist positions in  the ingredients list, that’s why it may dry skin. I used it before all the time and now once a day or if I feel  that my face is dirty 😀 Just because I got one more wash gel without alcohol and salicylic acid now I use them both. As it has salicylic acid it helps to keep pores pretty clean and blackheads not black:). But everyone says we should avoid alcohol in face care products so you decide for yourself.

Balea Soft and Clear Intensiv-Schutz Nachtcreme mit mit Salizylsaure und Zink / Unreine Haut

Balea Soft and Clear Intensive Night cream with Salicylic acid and Zink for problem skin

Recommend? Yes. It helps to keep skin clean and if you like to scratch what you shouldn’t scratch it’s good healing for night. After you wash your skin in the morning effect a little not that seen but it really does something good from day to day. I didn’t notice any bad effect for now. But it smells unpleasant. After some time I stopped using it as I got different product for night.

Balea Anti-pickel gel

Balea Anti-pimple gel

Recommend? Hm.. I don’t know. I bought it becasue it should help to dry and get rid of pimples faster. But I understood that you can’t use it under make up, only if you spend a day at home you can apply 2-3 times or at night. But for night tea tree oil is working better, so I switched back to it. May be for someone it works better.


Balea  Shower Gel

Recommend? Yes. It doesn’t make a lot of foam (if to compare with my beloved Nivea shower gels) but still pretty enough. Price is super, so why not to take it if it smells soooooooooo gooooood. All Balea showergels are good just smell different and few shower gels with oils are a little moisturizing.

Balea professional After Sun intensiv kur

After Sun Intensive Treatment

Recommend? Yes! Even if you didn’t stay on beach. It makes your hair soft and pleasant, easy to comb, nourishes. I liked. You need to keep it for 3 minutes, if I’m not mistaken.

Balea 1 minute soforthilfe kur Mango + Aloe Vera

Balea 1 minute treatment with Mango and Aloe Vera. I think for damaged hair.

Recommend? Yes. Wonderful smell, makes hair soft, pleasant, easy to comb, nourishes. Fast mask! I think for short or medium hair it will be enough even for two times. Because it was a lot of product for my hair, which is a little longer than shoulders.

Balea Pflege 1-minute intensiv kur

Balea Care 1-minute intensive treatment

Recommend? Yes. I think I recommend all this one-two time balea treatments in small bags.

Balea Silber Glanz Sofort-hilfe Kur

Balea Silver Gloss treatment for grey hair and platinum blondes

Recommend? 50/50. Yes, it makes hair pleasant,soft, easy to comb, nice one time mask, but it didn’t make my hair silver-shiny:) It may be took yellow pigment but very very very little. So as a mask to get rid of yellow pigment it’s not the best choice.

Balea Volumen Shampoo Kirsche + Jasmin

Balea Volume Shampoo Cherry + Jasmine

Recommend? Yes. It may dry ayour hair a little, but for me it was ok because conditioner saved everything and shampoo dried my hair just a little. But I read a review from some girl who told it dried her hair very very much and none of her conditioners could save this situation. Didn’t happen to me. The smell is divine while you wash your hair! Cherries, not too sweet, but veryyyyyyy pleasant!

Balea Silber Glaz Shampoo

Balea Silver Gloss Shampoo

Recommend? 50/50. As shampoo didn’t dry my hair, cleaned it but didn’t take yellow pigment from hair, may be very little after few washes. May be if to use it all the time it will. It has just a little of violet in it so it doesn’t dry you hair and you can use it every wash but not sure whether it works.

Balea med Ph Hautneutral Shampoo empfindliche Kopfhaut

Balea med Ph neautral Shampoo for sensitive scalp

Recommend? Yes. It’s for sensitive scalp.It’s pH neutral shampoo. This shampoo is the one which doesn’t dry my hair at all, even a little. It cleans good and my hair feels good. I like! I don’t have sensitive skin on my head, I had some time that’s why I decided to try this shampoo and it suits me. I think this shampoo will suit not only for sensitive scalp.

Balea Repair + Pflege Spulung

Balea Repair and Care Conditioner

Recommend? Yes. I didn’t try shampoo but I like conditioner. It’s full of proteins. Update: I tried shampoo together with conditioner. A good combo for slightly dry-damaged hair.

Balea Oil repair Spulung

Balea Oil Repair Conditioner

Recommend? Yes. The ingredients list is very poor which is good in this case, it contains argan oil, which is the main component. It gives that feeling of waterfall of your hair..if you know what I mean:D But.. it may overweight very fine hair. And don’t put it on roots, will definitely overweight thin, fine hair.

Balea Volume Effect Haarspray Extra Stark

Balea Volume Effect Hairspray Extra Hold

Recommend? No. First time I liked, now I don’t. Better take Nivea hair sprays. I’m in love with them. This one doesn’t make your hair shiny, it even takes the shine you had. Yes, it makes your hair stay. Hair spray is not seen on hair, but it feels like it overweight hair and the loss of shine is a big minus. Fresh hairstyle doesn’t look that fresh with it. Why did I like it first time? I have no idea.


Balea Men Styling Gel Maximum Power 7

Recommend? No. I didn’t try by myself, but I can tell when it dries it turns in some places on hair into flakes or some nasty things. Can’t normally describe, sorry.

Balea Fuss Bade Kristale Lemongras & Minze

Balea Bath Salt for Feet Lemongras and Mint

Recommend? Yes. Why not to add some salt while you are making pedicure or to cold water when your feet is tired. Pleasant and fresh feeling, calms feet and help to relax.

Balea Hand and Nagel Balsam Kamille

Balea Hands and Nails Balm Camomile

Recommend? No. I read good review and bought it, but I didn’t like because it didn’t absorb good and left some not very pleasant feeling on my hands.

Balea 3-Klingen Einweg Rasierer 8 stuck

Balea 3-blades razors 8 pieces

Recommend? Yes. Good price, nice color (pink-light blue), 8 pieces in pack. If you shave your legs with razors it’s a good choice. Update: They are one-two time razors, so may be if you like to use more times you better take some good man razors.


Uuuu, I finished:D I’m not sure there is a person who will read fully this huge post!

Thanks for attention and I hope this post can be helpful 😀


24 thoughts on “Balea products from DM – drogerie markt review. Part 1.

    • But in different countries they have different products I mean Balea and Alverde are everywhere as they are Dm products, but in Germany they have some other products in comparison with stores in Romania, for example.We don’t have essie, aussie, manhattan, weleda, etc in DM here. I know Superdrug as in Ukraine in one chain called Watsons we have some Superdrug products. And why it’s better? Because of products range or prices?

      • Both products and price. I love dm, kruidvaat and Rossman products. Every time I am on the continent, I spend hours in these drugstores. Their own-brand products are much better than what Superdrug and Boots offer. I do like quite a few Boots-branded products and a couple of Superdrug-branded products, but the majority of their stuff is nothing I’d buy again. I think that the 3 European chains I mentioned earlier have better own-brand products – and they sell them for much less.

        In regards to different stuff in different countries: I’d love to be able to buy Essence, Catrice, WnW, Manhattan… but I can’t. And that’s the way it is.

        Btw, I don’t like Aussie hair products. They’re overrated. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

        • I never heard anything about their products I just know of its existance:) I don’t have here Catrice but in Ukraine we have. And Essence of course. Essence has some good things and cheap but I don’t like their nail polishes. Nudes are impossible to apply, bright nice colors lay good on nails but they are not longlasting, one day and that’s all for me. That’s why I don’t buy their nail polishes anymore. I wanted to make post about everything from Essence I tried like with Balea:) And what is WnW?

    • I’m sure you have other cool products I can only dream about. 🙂 The products in post are not magical but for theier price they are very good (the one I find good). And thanks! And of course, I’m going to check your blog 🙂

  1. Thanks girls for very essential pieces of advice. I used to buy cosmetics in Kruidvat, but now when I’m in Ukraine I found out that Balea is very popular here. I have never tried it before. Today was my first time when I bought Balea shampoo, I hope I will enjoy it. And after reading your blog I will definitely try some Balea cleansing products.

    • Hi! Balea is popular in Ukraine? Where did you get it? I saw in online stores but it’s more expensive there. Did you try already shampoo? and which did you choose? Check my latest post Three must try Balea products. If you have very dry hair you should check Balea Oil repair conditioner with argan oil instead of one I mentioned there. 🙂

    • I have no idea. May be you can find it in some online store, but I’m sure the price will be much higher than in stores. This brand is sold only in Europe in DM stores in Germany, Romania, Serbia, Chezh Republic, Austria,Slovenia..may be in some other country also.

  2. I use the Balea mango papaya shower soap but the DM products are not available in South Africa. Does DM sell online?

    • I think now they have Mango&Buttermilch soap but DM doesn’t have online store. I know some sites resell their products but they put higher price than in stores.

    • DM sells online only in Germany, as far as I know. I usually buy Balea and Alverde products at online store BG Choco Shop. The prices are higher but not much and the shipping to the USA is very fast.

      • Yes, officially only dm in germany sells online. But there some sites in other countries who re-sell their products, of course more expensive.

  3. Hello.i am from lebanon and i have recently recieved a balea deoderon for wonen. I was really impressed and i want to know if i can get the agency of balea in lebanon. Thx

    • Hi! I’m sorry but I can’t help with this. Balea is a brand of DM store. It’s a chain of german stores which can be found in several european countries except germany. I don’t think you can find Balea in Lebanon unless someone resells their products online. Dm has only store but it’s available only for germany. The only way I can help you is recommend to get few deodorant you like during your travelling if you plan some time. Dm can be found in Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovea, Serbia.. May be in some other countries but this I know have DM stores. I’m sorry I can’t help anyhow else.

  4. I read it ’til the end 😉 I really like your post and your blog, even if i just discovered him ! I’m a little french blogger ( beauty, hand made cosmetics.. ) so i’m very sorry for my bad english :$ But I was like ” I NEED to post a comment “, because i really like that brand and i love the way you write 🙂 I wish you sweet things, and I add your blog to my watchlist ! 😉

    • Thank you very much! Your english is ok, I’m not native speaker also:) Have a nice day! It’s very pleasant to read such nice comment as you wrote:)

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