~Irresistible chocolates with Essence

No more words… Just important information.:)

What I’ve used:

Essence 3D eyeshadows 09 Irresistible chocolates

Essence Long-lasting Eye Pencils 01 Black Fever

Essence Kajal pencil 22 Taupe me

MAG liquid eyeliner 

Maybelline Volum Express Curved Brush Mascara

I won’t insert photos of eyeshadows swatches as you may see them in my post about Essence. Don’t be lazy to check it:)

Essence eyeshadows, powder, bronzer, nail polishes, pencils, etc. reviews and swatches

3d irresistible chocolates
Essence 3D eyeshadows 09 Irresistible chocolates
essence irresistable chocolates
Warm chocolate make-up.
On sun it sparkles a little as eyeshadows are shimmery, but doesn’t have big sparkling pieces. So you can use this colors for every day make-up.

Do you like? Which colors do you prefer in everyday make-up?


From pearl-ash blonde to dark ash blonde. Из блонда в светло-русый.


How are you? 🙂

I think I didn’t post anything for several days.  I just didn’t have mood for writing.  And now I came back:)

Few days ago I changed my hair color to darker. I decided after several years of super light blonde I will go to darker and may be next year will change back. I don’t know:)

Из блондинки в светло-русый пепельный.  

Цвет может выйти точно таким же  только, если база (исходный цвет) такая же, как была у меня.

I didn’t become blonde suddenly. I didn’t bleach my hair. I just started to color it lighter and it happened that after some time I came to super white hair:) It took some time. But it was not my aim, actually:D

I tried different hair dyes from supermarket to proffesional ones.

Last several monthes I started to bleach my roots separatly and then using semi-permanent color with an oxidant (I think in english developer is a right word) with low percentage. So I colored my hair tone-to-tone.

If anyone is interested in posts about hair coloring, becoming blonde or what is tone-to-tone, or about hair dyes I used before, PLEASE let me know. 🙂

So let’s see.. what I had on my head for long time.

Ok ok… dark hair is a wig:D But I was that dark some time ago.. In school. I color my hair since..who knows when:D And don’t tell me that it’s bad:D

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Nice cards – nice messages!

I decided to show some of the cards I received from different people with their messages. It’s very interesting to read usually, especially when people write some stories or just something about themself. You receive a card, nice wishes and some information about a person from other part of the world! I find this very exciting!  You will see funny bugs and flowers because I needed to cover my private data:)

postcrossing 2 postcrossing 4 postcrossing collage1 postcrossing3 postcrossing5 postcrossing6 postcrossing7


Essence eyshadows, powder, bronzer, nail polish, pencils, lipstick, etc. Review! Swatches

Hi to everyone who likes Essence or sceptical about this cheap brand or those, who are just going to dicover it!

It took me pretty a lot of time to make photos as the light from window was all the time changing (sun went away, clouds, super sunny) and I needed to change setting 100000 times. Also I didn’t have wet wipes and I needed to wash my hands with soap from all sparkles between swatches:D

Seems I’m not the person who likes to review one single product 😀 I prefer to review everything I tried till now from a specific brand. I know noone likes to read SOOO LOOOONG posts. I’m trying to include lots of products and lots of photos with short reviews so you don’t read long boring text. I think with such speed I will run out of ideas:D Do you like to read all this beauty tags and monthly favouries and regrets and so on? I think everyone doing this and I’m not sure it’s still interesting, even I check all favorites and hauls on blogs I read:)


Essence DOESN’T test their products on animals! I think for lots of people now it’s an important fact.

I won’t write about products I didn’t try by myself even if I heard some reviews on them.

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May be I should draw tattoo stencils?:D

Obviously not the best quality picture. If someone is interested I drew it on the back with gel ink pen. Not on my back:D

p.s. If you want to write me any message please write to Facebook page of my blog. You can find it with just clicking a connect button (the one in the middle at the top of the page). It will lead you to FB page. I don’t update there anything but if I receive a message I will reply to you there. Thank you for your attention:)