I’m Back – boring post


How are you?

I didn’t visit WordPress for a month and few days. Can you imagine?

I was away to my home-home-country and I came back some time ago.

Just yesterday I was thinking whether  I  should continue my blog or not. I thought that my blog is useless and  still I can’t call it useful..I mainly made it for visual pleasure and a little information. Cooking  blogs teach you to cook, photography blogs inspire or teach you so you can take better photos, drawings blogs has tutorials sometimes..you know?

People write and make blogs because they like to do this but have you ever thought about what I wrote above? (if your blog is not teaching people to do something).

If anyone is reading my blog tell me why do you open my posts? What do you find interesting here?

Thank you in advance for your replies:)


Have a nice day!:)