Faves2015: Skincare


It takes more time than I expected to release all faves-posts. I’m sorry if someone was waiting for more to appear faster.

Today’s post is going to be about skincare favorites. It’s not a skincare routine but just products which I used continuously and/or repurchased.

skincare faves 2015

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Faves2015: Hands&Lips

Hi! How are you?

Did you get bored with 2015 favorites posts? If not here I come with Faves2015 series, which is going to include skincare, haircare, makeup, hands&lips (today’s post) and may be bodycare.

Some of the products are more like all-time favorites. I will include only products which I repurchased few times or just liked a lot.

So.. Hands&Lips

hands and lips faves

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