Events and thoughts

 Hi again!

As I again became so terrible in posting on my blog I decided to write some random post about life with some pics.

If you follow my instagram I think I’m a little bit addicted to it you may know that I went to Ukraine almost for a month.

Here I made photo of all lispticks I took. Two on the left were outsiders during my trip. 🙂

Revlon in shade Honey became the most worn lipstick this summer.


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No more posts?


How are you? Are you ready for Christmas?:)

I don’t know whether anyone actually follow my activity and wonder am I going to post more or no. And the answer is yes:)

As some of you may know I’m from Ukraine and I lived in Romania for few years. Verrrry recently I moved to Denmark. As you may guess moving is not only about new positive emotions but about  stress also.

 I wish all my followers and people who pass by my blog to have wonderful holidays!


Photo was made in a wonderful park of Copenhagen called Tivoli.

Have a nice day!

Beauty blogs and photography


How are you?

Note: I don’t state I’m a master of beauty-blogging photography. I don’t have an intention to offend anyone or anyone’s tastes. Every blogger is free to do whatever they want with their blogs.

So.. Photography and beauty blogging.

beautyblogging and photography

Did you notice what I did with this photo?:D Right, it’s not informative but I wanted to emphasize my point:)

I’d like to talk with you about bloggers who pay attention to photos in their blogs, who takes time to make their photos attractive.

Did you ever notice alike blogs with the same style and photos which look the same?

1. Too many overexposed photos. Why? Yes, it may look nice  sometimes when photo is a little overexposed. Let it be just beautiful if a particular photo doesn’t contain any information  for readers. But if you are showing make-up products and you even open packaging why to overexpose it? Sometimes I can’t even see shade of lipstick/blush/nail polish/etc. And there is no more informative photos in the post.  If there is no swatches but lipstick looks interesting to me I will search for it. If I can’t even guess a shade I will just scroll and forget about that post. I won’t even read the name of shades. May be it’s just me. But I’d need to search for each shade to find some interesting one. I can do that without reading a blog. 

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Beauty Blogging School by L’OrĂ©al Paris

Hi! How are you?

I got an exciting news today. I got in Beauty Blogging school by L’oreal Paris in Romania! Congrats to me:D

Beauty Blogging Loreal Paris Vote for me, please!

Should be first in second row. Anastasiia is my name:)

There are 29 more participants. I know some of them as I read their blogs and they are far more popular in comparison to me. 🙂


It’s going to last 4 weeks. Each week we will have a lecture and homework which is going to appear on blog. All homeworks will be evaluated and given a mark. I hope it’s not some secret information.  There is going to be a winner every week and one final. But not only marks will influence final result but also readers who will have opportunity to vote for particular blogger.

I’m really excited! I never participated in any beauty blogging related events. I believe it’s going to be usefull experience even if I don’t win anything.

So soon you are going to see my homeworks right here on my blog!:)

I hope you will support me!

I’m a little bit worried as I’m the only one not-romanian romanian blogger:D. Most of participants blog in romanian and I even don’t speak:D I hope I won’t have any problems as I do understand romanian pretty good but sometimes I guess what some words mean:D

Have you ever participated in any blogger event/school/course/meet-up?

Have a nice day! 🙂

I’m Back – boring post


How are you?

I didn’t visit WordPress for a month and few days. Can you imagine?

I was away to my home-home-country and I came back some time ago.

Just yesterday I was thinking whether  I  should continue my blog or not. I thought that my blog is useless and  still I can’t call it useful..I mainly made it for visual pleasure and a little information. Cooking  blogs teach you to cook, photography blogs inspire or teach you so you can take better photos, drawings blogs has tutorials know?

People write and make blogs because they like to do this but have you ever thought about what I wrote above? (if your blog is not teaching people to do something).

If anyone is reading my blog tell me why do you open my posts? What do you find interesting here?

Thank you in advance for your replies:)


Have a nice day!:)