Faves2015: Skincare


It takes more time than I expected to release all faves-posts. I’m sorry if someone was waiting for more to appear faster.

Today’s post is going to be about skincare favorites. It’s not a skincare routine but just products which I used continuously and/or repurchased.

skincare faves 2015

Cleansing Faves

skincare cleansing faves 2015


 Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Micellar Solution – I think only lazy  didn’t hear about this solution in the beautyblogging world. I’m loyal to a double-cleansing method and Bioderma Micellar Solution is my choice to remove makeup. Yes, there are cheaper options but this one takes away my eye makeup  better and I just trust certain pharmacy brands more than drugstore ones. I use this product for 1,5 year.

Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel – My favorite gel for evening cleanse  (after using micellar solution if I wear makeup).  This gel is designed for oily/combination skin girls. It can be slightly drying but it doesnt dry out skin or cause me some discomfort. Avene Cleanance gel is very drying for me and I choosed Bioderma over it. I’m trying  now also the one La Roche-Posay from Effaclar line and it’s also better than Avene. I didn’t decide whether it’s better than Bioderma or not. Avene Cleanance is better to use from  on back or chest if you have problems but don’t overuse it there also:). That what I do. I use it for 1.5 years as well.

Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Soothing, Purifying cleansing gel – Spontaneous purchase. It’s actually for sensitive skin prone to redness. Wonderful gel for those who use cleansing gels in the mornings also. Actually I find it good for both morning and evening. It’s gentle but cleanses good.  This gel is on my shelf for 6 months.


skincare faves 2015 2

Frezyderm Moisturizing 24h Long Lasting Hydrating Cream – It’s a greek pharmacy brand (or how do you call this type of cosmetics). It’s designed for dry or dehydrated skin according to Frezyderm official site. This amazing packaging has also short description  as I dont have box anymore it’s very comfortable to see it’s functions not going on internet (long lasting moisturization, repair of barrier integrity, protection from free radicals, photoaging prevention, paraben free).Frezyderm appeared  in Sensiblu pharmacy in Romania some time ago  and products were quite expensive for me. I walked around them for long and after some blog post of greek blogger who told she came back to this cream and she is on her 5th bottle I finally decided to give it a go.  When I needed second bottle Sensiblu stopped selling it but this brand appeared in Polisano and prices are much lower. So.. Back to cream:D I used this cream only at night as it’s a bit too much for me to use in the day under makeup. It does hydrate amazingly!!! My flakes on nose which I had for few days when I just bought it disappeared totally in two days. My nose was so smooth..mmm 😀 It doesn’t clog pores , makes face instantly look healthier. I guess second part is because of intense moisturization. It leaves your skin glowy, not matte. I think this cream will suit (as designed) for fry skin for day and night and for combi skin and combi dehydrated for night. I think oily dehydrated skin also will benefit from it and dehydration will disappear. I guess I use this cream almost a year and I’m on my second bottle. Now (a week ago) I switched to different cream from curiousity and I think it will become one of my 2016 favorites;)) It has a bit different properties so I can’t compare them now.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ – People love it or hate it! I use it for 1.5 years as well as micellar water and one of gels because that was a time when I decided to switch to pharmacy brands. This cream can be used at night and/or in the day. For me it’s good to use it once a day because when I use it twice a day few days in a row my skin becomes dehydrated. Duo+ is wonderful base for makeup. It calms a bit redness from acne, helps to heal them faster, makes skintone more uniform (but not porcelain doll of course but visible difference for me) and actually helped me with some marks but it took some time.   It has light cream-gel consistency so don’t expect lots of moisture from it. It does moisturize skin slightly and enough for me during most seasons of the year. It won’t suit to anyone with dry skin for sure.


skincare faves 2015 3

 Duac gel 3% – I got prescription from a dermatologist and was really glad he recommended me this gel. He told me only ..no, not like that… ONLY to use it on breakouts ..exactly on breakout..not on areas of skin. I used to use Duac cream with benzoyl peroxide but 5%. I had stubborn acne on my chin some years ago and it helped me quite good but it also caused slight side-effects like redness and dryness. When I decided to buy it again few years after as I got again some stubborn acne side effects was really bad. The first day (actually night) my chic area got red and it was sooooooo itchy that I woke up and wanted to scratch my skin crazily.  So when I went with a paper to pharmacy after meeting dermatologist I didn’t expect I will get the same type of gel. Long story short, it has lower concentration and I didn’t get any side effect. Now I use it only when it’s needed on breakouts. If to apply around problem this gel also in few days skin there will get very dry so I try to be precise.  It’s a life-saver when you need to get rid of something what doesn’t want to go. With deep acne it takes time as well but still process goes and goes towards succesful end:D

And of course Bioderma Sebium exfoliating purifying gel which I have separate post about! Love it!

bioderma sebium exfoliating gel

Do you use anything from my Skincare Faves2015? What are you skincare favorites and life-savers?

Have a nice day!:)






3 thoughts on “Faves2015: Skincare

  1. Seriously I can’t talk to you/ read your blog without putting something into my wishlist. Now I want to try the Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Soothing, Purifying cleansing gel :))

    My skincare favorites for 2015 are:
    – Garnier Micellar Water (never tried the Bioderma one)
    – Ivatherm UNA cream – cream-gel cream that is perfect for normal skin

    • 😀 not my fault:)
      I tried Garnier and Loreal micellar solution, which are the same to me just Garnier is better price/quantity. I’m not sure you will feel difference between Bioderma and Garnier, so may be it’s not worth trying in some cases but gel you should try I think. Ivatherm cream sounds good, is it good under foundation? I watched Ivatherm when I was in Romania but didnt know what cream should I try.

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