Faves2015: Hands&Lips

Hi! How are you?

Did you get bored with 2015 favorites posts? If not here I come with Faves2015 series, which is going to include skincare, haircare, makeup, hands&lips (today’s post) and may be bodycare.

Some of the products are more like all-time favorites. I will include only products which I repurchased few times or just liked a lot.

So.. Hands&Lips

hands and lips faves

I don’t have a lot of products in this section and I own more lipbalms than just two.

Let’s start with lipbalms.

Биокон От простуды и трещин на губах (Biokon Lip Balm) 

This is Ukrainian lip balm and I know there is probably 0,00001% of sense to include it in my post as  almost all my followers don’t have access to it. But if you are from Ukraine or Russia this is a wonderful lipbalm. It’s cheap and it’s not a reason why it’s so good. It helps with dryness and dry flakes. It heals cracks and helps to heal what I found is called in english Angular cheilitis (correct me if I’m wrong).  Healing, protecting, nourishing..do you need something more?

Blistex MedPlus balm

To be sincere, I bought it quite recently when I had extra dry lips and I wanted to have good balms in every room. A blogger I trust recommended it and I decided that it probably won’t be a miss. And it’s not! It’s really good balm which is healing and protecting your lips. When I had very dry lips with lots of flakes (I have no idea why it happened so suddenly) and I could’t wear any lipstick for few days this balm really helped me to restore my lips and make them look smooth and feel soft again.  This balm probably wouldn’t be the best option for taking outside unless you dont mind putting your fingers in this small jar on the way but it defenitely suits for home or office use.

Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream

If you decide to buy it don’t mistaken it with simple Avene Cold Cream. They are very different.

This cream is my friend for over a year. At first dermatologist recommended it to me when I had a problem with my skin on hands and then I just fell in love with it even when I didn’t have any problem. It absorbs  fast, doesn’t leave nasty film on your hands, nourishes skin and help with extra dry spots (in few uses). I usually use it before sleep and going out. I used to buy only drugstore hands creams and I never complained but after I tried this one I don’t buy anything else. My blogger friend said that Nivea Q10 Anti Age hand cream is as good as Avene one. I didn’t have opprotunity to compare but you can do that.

What are your favorites in Hands and Lips department?

Have a nice day!:)


8 thoughts on “Faves2015: Hands&Lips

  1. 1. Yey 😀 I’m so happy you wrote about your favorites.
    2. The Ukrainian lip balm has such a pretty color
    3. For two weeks I want to only use the Avene hand cream. My skin is not in the best condition: for New Year’s I was with my friends in the mountains and it was so cold and the air was so dry that my hands went bad. Plus I was at a friend who has a kitten and I played with her. Naturally, I got scratches on my hands.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post and hope will like others which are coming:) If I go to Ukraine with opportunity to see you after I will get you one also:) About Avene cream..It really helps me also when hands get in problematic state. I’m waiting for a battle between Nivea and Avene.

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