Blonde, go dark!!! :) From blonde to light cool brown

Hi! 🙂

Today we will see blonde transformation as you already probably got from the name of this post. 🙂

Note: I’m not responsible for any results of coloring your hair with hair dyes I’m talking about. It’s a story about my hair, not an instruction. 

So.. I already changed my color not long time ago and I made a post. I should tell that the cold shade left me pretty fast as my hair was bleached before. I still had a hint of that tone, but it looked much whiter.

I was thinking long and looooooong and finally I decided to go dark, so I don’t need to bleach my roots anymore, just coloring. Yes,it was hard decision as I’m so used to be blonde. It was soooo my style:) But for several years of blonde my hair became not so good. I make everything so they look volumed and healthy, but I started to suffer from breakage :/ That’s why I cut my hair previous year and now I decided I need to stop being blonde to save my hair least for some time. I was afraid that with darker color I would look boring/older/simple/like everyone else/etc.

But anyway I bought a hair dye 😀

I was going to use the same Revlon as I used last time but shade darker..but then something switched in my brain and I went for pro color Goldwell Nectaya.

Information from official site:

Nectaya was developed in over 6 years of extensive research 
driven by our absolute dedication to color perfection.
The result: 7 patents pending – and a unique combination
of technologies that nurtures the hair for a noticeably 
healthier hair feeling.
  • Ammonia-free
  • Uncompromising performance of a permanent color:
    Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift
  • The first ever permanent hair color with patented 
    IntraLipid™: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair
  • Up to 91 % ingredients of natural origin*
  • Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil
  • Cosmetic cream consistency with a 
    100 % natural fragrance
  • Simple 2 step usage system

I watched shades before on internet but I couldn’t find any real example, but anyway..risky risky risky but I choosed 7NA, mid natural ash brown from cool browns series.

Note: If you change color from blonde go for warm and natural tones. If you choose something with ash in it , it’s a great probability that you will receive green tone on your hair.  

Or you can be risky 😀

I knew that for long time but when I bought color it didn’t came to my mind:D But it came when I applied a hair dye on my hair. So I decided if it’s’s too late to think about that:D

Less words.. I don’t have green hair 🙂

Before and after and after

revlon 60 alfaparf color wear 9.21 goldwell nectaya 7na
Note: Before I dyed my hair dark the main tone from previous experiment washed away.

goldwell nectaya 7NA

goldwell nectaya 7NA mid natural ash blonde
Goldwell Nectaya 7NA

Note: If you decided to go from blonde to dark be ready that the color MAY wash pretty fast to lighter color  and you will need to dye a little bit more often few times to fill your hair with pigment and it sets there 🙂 It also depends on a hair dye and a condition of your hair.

What do you think about my new hair color? If you are blonde, would you like to go dark?:)


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