Fine medium length hair? Don’t know how to style without heat?

I have fine hair and it’s not dense. But I love volume and such “fluffy” hairstyles. I like my hair to look like it’s dense. If my hair just hanging with no’s a bad hair day.

I’m going to write several posts about how to style fine medium length hair. You can use this ideas for shorter hair and longer, but I don’t think this will work with very long hair.

This hairstyle is HEATLESS!!! It will give you super volume, which no “dryinghairwithheaddown” will give you:)

You will need hair rollers. I have two types with different diameters. Don’t take too small if you have medium-long hair.  

Step 1

Wash  your hair:) And let them dry naturally. If you don’t have time  use hairdryer. In this case it won’t be heatless anymore, but I just want to let you know how to make it faster if you are doing this before work, for example. You should have fresh dry hair.

Step 2

Brush them good. It’s very important! Take hair rollers and start putting your hair on them. If you have long fringe and you like to style it on side, don’t make a roll to your forehead but other direction. Your fringe will lay much better!

Step 3

Wait at least 25-30 minutes. You can keep them longer also. If you are doing this before some event or work during this time you can make make up and iron your clothes.:)

Step 4

Unroll:) Be carefull! Hair rollers don’t damage your hair but the way you put them away can damage it. If you brushed your hair good before and especially if you use leave-in treatments rolls will almost glide from your hair. But sometimes it happens that they stuck, don’t panic and carefully take hair part by part from the roll, if it can’t be unrolled easily (unrolled? can I write like that?).

Step 5

There are several ways to make your hairstyle after. You can use your hands and comb and get curls on your ends or brush your hair and just get VOLUME!!!  It’s up to you. After several times you will realise that there are several ways you can have your hairstyle after hair rollers.

One of the way you can make your hair look after hair rollers!
my hair
I think I posted this picture already 3 times:D But I’m not sure that If I mention that I posted this hairstyle before someone will go to check it. This one is also done after hair rollers. I used them to get a lot of volume and look of dense hair. I just brushed ends very good.

 Do you use hair rollers? Do you like volume?:)


7 thoughts on “Fine medium length hair? Don’t know how to style without heat?

    • I’m glad that my post is helpful!:) Even if you don’t have that time to let your hair dry naturally I think to dry them with cool air before rollers is less damaging than use straighter. I’m going to post some other ways of styling hair without straighters or curling irons. But to get such “strong” kind of curls on ends like on first photo I kept rollers more than 30 minutes. In 30 minutes they also get alike on ends,just you should not comb ends a lot to keep them stay that way. But anyway you will recieve good volumed hairstyle. And the plus.. even if your ends didn’t look very good when they dried , after rollers they look very neat, shiny and none of split end can be seen:) Magic:)

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