Estelle&Thild Body Butter

Hi!How are you?:)

I gathered several body care product to write about. So let’s start with review on Estelle&Thild Body Butter.

But first short introduction to the brand taken from Estelle&Thild site.

Pernilla Rönnberg founded Swedish skin care house Estelle & Thild in 2007. The organic brand draws from cutting edge scientific research and uses pure bio-active ingredients.

As the former CEO of a skin care company, Pernilla became uncomfortably aware of the harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients liberally used by many skin care brands. Pernilla began to reflect on the world in which her daughters, Estelle and Mathilde, would grow up. She wanted to develop an innovative skin care brand rooted in high impact results and organic ingredients.

Shortly after launching, Estelle & Thild became an instant success throughout Scandinavia and received accolades in the international press. Today Estelle & Thild’s wide range of products can be found in over 1,300 stores worldwide. Pernilla’s pioneering work allows women to indulge in an effective skin care regime with a conscience.


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Events and thoughts

 Hi again!

As I again became so terrible in posting on my blog I decided to write some random post about life with some pics.

If you follow my instagram I think I’m a little bit addicted to it you may know that I went to Ukraine almost for a month.

Here I made photo of all lispticks I took. Two on the left were outsiders during my trip. 🙂

Revlon in shade Honey became the most worn lipstick this summer.


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Goldwell Dualsenses Color shampoo


Finally I came back on blog after vacation. I came very fast on instagram as it became my favorite platform to share products and write short opinion about them. Do you like instagram?

Coming back to the topic of my post… I posted this shampoo several times on my Instagram account. I re-purchased it few times so you can guess that I liked it quite a lot.:)

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop shampoo for normal to fine colour-treated hair. Verrrrryyy long name for a shampoo.

Goldwell dualsenses fade stop shampoo review

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Nyx Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake. Nothing like butter


   LOOOOooooong time no see. Did you miss me? I bet that not 😀 I post a lot on instagram (@worldinspiresyoucreate) so my readers don’t have time to relax. 🙂

   I know recently I reviewed on instagram quite a lot of stuff but I’m still going to write posts about some of products I mentioned there.

Today’s post is about NYX Butter Gloss in shade Angel Food Cake.

PicMonkey Collage22

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