Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick 290 Poeme. Will you add it to your wishlist?

Hi! How are you? Have you been waiting  for post about Lancome 290 Poeme after I reviewed Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet 506 Fusion? No? Ok… 😀

If you like wearable brights or you are afraid of red and would like something a bit less scary, this review is for you!

IMG_8141 (2)


I’d say that this line of lipsticks is quite new.  There are sheer, cream and matte formulas in L’Absolu Rouge line. The shade we are going to talk about is in Matte formula.

IMG_8146-2 (1)

Packaging: Absolutely fantastic! Black packaging with gold details and gorgeous golden rose on top. Click-the-rose is the way you open this lipstick. You click on the rose on top and lipstick pops out. I think it’s the most elegant, classy and sleek packaging I own.

Texture/Finish: It’s a matte lipstick but it’s not clay-dead-matte formula. It feels quite creamy and glides easily. It’s opaque from first layer. I like to call the finish this lipstick gives as a natural matte. Your lips don’t have shine but don’t look like raisin. It’s comfortable and not drying.

Transfer-roof?: It does transfer on a cup while drinking but that doesn’t ruin lipstick.

Wear time: For a matte finish with creamy texture and not drying feeling it’s just sooo good! I really can’t complain here. It doesn’t disappear in the middle of the lips after coffee or muffin or croissant and I even can eat some food. During eating it fades in the middle of the lips but doesn’t disappear fully and doesn’t leave you with just a contour. It doesn’t bleed or migrate anywhere.

Color: I’m just bad at describing colors 😀 Reddish pink? Dusty rose? Does it sound right? 😀 It has more pink in it than Armani Lip Magnet 506. But in some light they seems identical (of course, texture is totally different). It’s what I call wearable bright. It’s not as bright as red or orange but it’s not nude already.  May be it will look more mlbb on some skin tones but not on light as mine:D. May be My Lips But Brighter?:)

lancome rouge 290 poeme swatch

armani 506 fusion vs lancome 290 poeme

Here I decided to add my recent purchase Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Lilac. Lilac is totally different shade but I think you can compare coolness-warmness of those shades.


Swatches on my hand in the same order as they lay on picture above: Armani Lip Magnet 506, Lancome L’Absolu Rouge 290 Poeme and Bobbi Brown Crushed Color in Lilac. I’m not always perfect in swatches but I tried my best to show them as they are.

lancome 290 vs armani 506 vs bobbi brown lilac

I don’t have any new good photos of 290 Poeme on my lips but I found few pictures I posted on Instagram to show how it looks overall.

A quick reminder of my lips without lipstick.

lips without lipstick blog


Conclusion: I don’t have anything bad to tell about it. It’s beautiful color for days when you want to wear something bright but at the same time so it doesn’t scream from your lips. It’s also perfect for special occasions.  It’s quite pricey but it’s really good. I definitely can recommend it and I’m surprised noone is talking about it.

What do think about this lipstick? Do you like such shades? Would you try it? 

P.S.  Other shades I’ve tried: I wore once red matte 189 Isabella and it was also great. I got it for my mom (she likes long-lasting lipsticks). Now it’s her favorite lipstick  and she is repurchasing it:). I also own two shades in Sheer formula, 202  Nuit & Jour and 264 Peut-être. Few words about them.. 264 is not sheer and it’s actually opaque creamy formula. It’s nice lipstick but nothing really special.  202 is sheer beige, which supposed to be balmy and mute colour of your lips a bit. I posted on Intagram stories that I can’t make it work and I’m giving it away to my friend. It clinges to any super-tiny dry patches. Even after a very good balm I apply this lipstick thinking “Now it must be a good time” it finds some tiny-tiny piece and accentuates it. And even if I manage to go out with it I can’t reapply it later. I drink coffe outside quite often and it dehydrated me so my lips usually get a bit drier and it’s just impossible for me to apply it. I bought it after I saw how beautiful it is on some people but seems it’s not for me. If you own this shade and love it please share your opinion.

Have a nice day or evening 🙂 


7 thoughts on “Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick 290 Poeme. Will you add it to your wishlist?

  1. As always, the pictures are so nice.
    290 sounds like a very good lipstick, but I think the shade you have from Bobbi Brown is prettier (mauvie, liliac shade ❤ ). Maybe make a review on that one next? 😀
    But you are right. 290 is both nude and in your face. It suits you a lot.

    • Thank you! 290 is not a shade I would choose before but when I had opportunity to try it I realized how nice it actually looks. ) About Lilac, will do! I just want to wear it a bit more as I didn’t decide fully what I think about it. But to tell you shortly, it didn’t disappoint me so far 😀

  2. […] Lancome L’absolu Rouge Matte in 290 Poeme and 197 Rouge Cherie –  Just check my post about shade 290. Everything is applicable to shade 197, which is amazing lipstick in a perfect cool-toned red. There is no minuses in them. Not drying, long-lasting, intense color, no bleeding, great natural matte finish, goes on creamy. What else can you wish for in matte lipstick? […]

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