Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque. When your hair smells delicious.


    I’m back to blogging world and as you may guess I gathered a lot of empties:D Several of my latest posts were empties so I feel like it’s just a beautyblogging crime to post empties AGAIN. 😀

Today is a perfect day to introduce you to one of my new favorite masks. Let’s skip all this boring brand introduction and jump right into product review or.. No.

I have to mention that Maria Nila is swedish cruelty-free brand. The End 🙂

maria nila luminous color mask review2

Descriptions is quite short but I guess we all want moisturized, nourished and silky hair, right?

Maria nila ingredients

Consistency:  it’s quite thick cream but it spreads very easily. A little goes a long way actually even if it doesn’t feel like when you scoop mask out of the jar.

Scent: Amazing! I’m really bad in describing scents. It’s something fruity, reminds a bit of some fruit gum or lemonade or.. I don’t know. I heard a girl told it’s pomegranate but I’m not sure about that. Anyway, I think a lot of people will enjoy the scent of this product. Note: it’s not too powerful!  It stays in hair but not for days and you have to smell it actually to feel the scent. If you use other products scent of mask will be covered. It makes me think about getting whole range so my hair smells that good for longer:)

Moisturizes? Nourishes? I should remind that I have fine hair, ends which can get dry and some parts of my hair get drier because of hairspray even on touch it’s still soft. This mask has good moisturizing/nourishing properties. It’s not a mask for damaged hair unless you alternate it with something for repair with protein/keratin.

Hair feels soft and smooth but not limp. It doesn’t weigh hair down. Also my hair looks shinier than usual.

Silky smooth? On touch, yes. My hair is silky smooth with this mask only if I blow dry or  next morning if I washed my hair in the evening and let them air dry. I should say nothing makes my ends (exactly ends, exactly after air drying in the evening) of my hair look like straightened on it’s own 😀  Luminous color mask makes them soft, smooth, shinier but not silky straight smooth without anything else.

   To sum it up:

+ scent;

+ lasts long for medium length fine hair ;

+ cruelty-free product;

+ hair is left very soft and silky on touch and if to style … silky in general:);

— price ( 169 – 250 DKK (23-34 euro) depending on store).



 Did you try anything from Maria Nila brand? Is cruelty-free a plus for you? Which is your favorite hair mask?

Have a nice day!:)







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