Empties. Bodycare.#2


Long time no see. How are you?:)

I have a lot of empties posts prepared for you. I even found a folder on my computer with empties pictures I totally forgot about:D When I’m uninspiried to write seems I’m more inspired to take pictures:D

Let’s cut this unnecessary talk… 😉

blog empties 1

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel – Fantastic scent! It smells so good you just want to live in this scent.. but you probably will get sick of it in a time. I already mentioned TBS shower gels in previous empties post. They are good, have nice scents, not drying for my skin. Now TBS have their gels in nicer bottles but I noticed that they are not as thick as before. I don’t know whether it depends on scent but I have Mango now which is very liquidy and I had mango before in older version which was thicker. I like the variety of scents of shower gels in TBS but I would recomment to buy them only on discount.

Repurchase: Already did(on discount) . I have peach, mango and cocoa butter. I don’t know when I will finish Cocoa butter but I sooo don’t recommend it. In shower its scent turns into something horrible:D

Natura Siberica Faroe Islands Modelling and Sculpting Body Scrub – it smells very nice, like fresh forest …or may be somehow else. I’m bad in describing scents. It’s a salt scrub but I would say it’s quite mild, at least for me. It contains nourishing ingredients which doesn’t allow this scrub to be harsh. I need quite a lot of it to feel scrubbing as seems like shea butter in it melts and makes it mild. It leaves on skin bit oily film which absorbs very fast. I liked the amount I got for the price (89 kr or something around that) but I didn’t like that I have to scoop a lot to scrub myself properly. Actually it happens with most of scrubs for me, nearly all. But magically it lasted me some time and I didn’t run out as fast as I thought.

natura siuberica scrub consistency

natura siberica body scrub

Ingredients for those who are curious:)

natura siberica scrub ingredients

Repurchase: Maybe. If you can recommend inexpensive scrub which is really scruby, let me know:).

The Body Shop Wild Argan Body Butter – it appeared before in my empties and nothing changed. Empties. Hair. Skin. Body. I still love this particular butter and I will repurchase when I will see it on discount again. Currently I use Peach one, which is very good as well.

As you can notice Argan Oil is not that high on the list but I like butters which start with Shea and Cacao butters:).

Repuchase: Yes.

Ahava Dermud Intensive Foot Cream –  I got this cream in a set with hand cream on a crazy discount in December 2015. I forgot about it for some time but then I started really enjoying using it. I can’t tell whether it has some beneficial ingredients for problematic feet and how it would work on such but I can tell about my experience. I used it to keep my feet softer between pedicure and it helped prolong effect of smooth feet. I applied it and wore socks until it absorbed. I don’t think it’s worth its full price but I liked it. It has pleasant scent, not usual foot cream scent. It’s quite thick pale yellowish cream. Good but nothing extraordinary.

Repurchase: Only if I see it on really good discount.

ON: The Body Cashmere Perfume Lotion Sweet Love – it’s a Korean body lotion. This brand is a part of LG, if I remember right. Scent is gorgeous, like perfume, but not super powerful. It didn’t conflict with my perfume. It’s quite thick for something called  lotion but you don’t have to wait long till it absorbs. At first it leaves some film but it didnt bother me and a bit later you can’t feel anything. It was nourishing and if I remember right it contained macadamia oil. The only minus is that film you can feel on skin if you touch it for some time before it gets all absorbs. It’s not sticky but you feel it.  But you don’t feel like your skin suffocating or anything. I really don’t know whether I can recommend this product, because of scent and feel. It’s a personal preferance but it’s not a bad product, definitely. You would need to smell it before you buy it for sure:).

Repurchase: It’s not available where I live. But may be I will bring one when I go to my hometown where it’s easy to get in a store with Korean products.

Did you try anything from my list? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Have a nice day!:)


10 thoughts on “Empties. Bodycare.#2

  1. I liked the Argan body butter but the scent is not overly exciting for me. As moisturizing properties it’s amazing, though. I also agree about the TBS shower gels. They don’t feel dry on the skin and they cleans well. Have you tried TBS scrubs?

    • No, I didn’t. Do they scrub really good? They look so creamy. What you didn’t like about Argan scent? I find it faint and it doesnt last but feels pleasant when you apply it. But of course, it can be different for everyone. Did you try Cocoa Cream shower gel? If not, don’t buy it 😀

      • I only used the coconut one, which for me smells like pears. It scrubs well. I need to rub quite a bit for the scruby parts to melt. For me it’s a medium to harsh scrub. I don’t use it more than once a week. My skin is a bit sensitive, as in it gets really red from a bit of hot water. But it also enjoys the feeling of hot water :)) My skin is weird. Maybe try it on your hand in the store.

        Argan scent is had to describe… It’s true that I can’t feel it after a while but it’s not like I enjoy when I apply it. It’s more of a meh scent in my opinion. I don’t find it offensive but I like for example moringa or strawberry scents more. But argan butter is better and more moisturizing. Makes sense what I’m trying to say?

        No, I never tried Cocoa.

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