Dior Addict Lacquer Stick 877 TURN ME DIOR almost review. First impression,detailed.


How are you? How do you feel about new Dior Addict  Lacquer Stick? Are you interested in this new addition to Dior make-up collection?

Here is my 5 cents. First impression on shade Turn me Dior.

Note: It’s not a usual post from me as I use lots of phone photos from store.


Here are few pictures in different artificial lightning (day light lamps, warm light lamps).

Turn me Dior is a bright deep fuschia. That’s how I see it. It looks like deep raspberry in arificial lightning and brighter fuschia in day light. I wore it twice and second time I had opportunity to check how it looks in the day light. It looked lighter and not as deep. But still not neon.

dior addict lacquer stick2

Here is a closer look. I took pictures in Sephora using daylight lamps in-built in mirror.

dior addict lacquer stick1

this angle makes my nose look funny

Consistency/Feel/Comfort: It feels like a balm even it’s opaque. Very lightweight, very comfortable. You really don’t feel it. It’s not sticky. It’s opaque and has gel-shine finish. I cropped pic to show you the finish. It’s really lovely. I don’t like too wet looking lip products. To my mind it has perfect shiny finish.

UbNltuwaFo4 2

Wear time/Long-lasting?: I ate two biscotti and had 500 ml cup of coffee drink. It transfers easily so try not to leave marks on your boyfriend’s shirt:D just joking It faded in center but it didn’t disappear fully. I rubbed my lips together after cookies and coffee to get uniform color back and there was no problem. You won’t look weird after few sips and snack, so no worries here. It fades but there is color on your lips. After whole cup of coffee, cookies and some time of walking lipsick shine faded and it feathered at the corners of my lower lip. Not dramatically but as I’m not used to lip-liners it’s a minus for me.   Before removing makeup at home I blotted lipstick till it stopped trasferring. My lips were stained but it was easy to remove after. I think it’s a plus as while your lipstick is fading you won’t have totally bare spots. I really hate lipsticks which make me worry every second about how my face/lips look like.

dior addict lacquer stick3

dior addict lacquer stick turn me dior after some time

Conclusion: I love-love this shade. I just wish it look in natural day light as deep as in artificial one. Very comfortable on lips, beautiful shine, slightly stains lips. I don’t like that it bleeds as I use even dark and bright lispticks without lip liner. I don’t think there will be the same problem with light shades but I didn’t test them. I tried on my lips Tease and LA pink but I didn’t wear them. LA pink is a very beautiful neutral shade, for nude lovers. Tease is beautiful but not for me, doesn’t suit my appearance  unless you dap it slightly which doesn’t make any sense.

What do you think about new Lacquer stick collection? Do you like opaque and shiny lispticks? 

Have a nice day!:)



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