Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 002


It’s a good  day for a highlighter review, don’t you think?:) The full name of the product is quite long ..

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer. Shimmering Sculpting Powder #002

If I’m not mistaken Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer #001 was lauched as a part of LE autumn collection 2016. This year Dior decided beauty addicts should have more highlighters and launched three more shades and made all 4 a part of their permanent collection.

Note: Prepare.. I may be included too many photos:D


In 2016 Dior launched a beautiful spring collection Glowing Gardens, a great spot of which was taken by Illuminating powder in two shades. I was drawn to the shade Glowing Pink. I so wanted it sooo wanted but couldn’t buy it at that point. It looked like something I wanted Cindy-lou to be. When I saw on some blog comparison of a new Luminizer in the shade 002 to Glowing Gardens highlighter,   I thought “Oh, here you are :)”..or something like that. They looked alike. It’s exactly the shade I wanted. I was thinking for some time about getting MAC lightscapade but each time I went to swatch it I didn’t like that the base looks subtle and I can see separate particles of microshimmer on this base. I wanted it to have uniform glow even if it has shimmer.

Ok, long story short.. here we go 🙂


Diorskin Nude Air luminizer comes in a carboard box with a brush. I can imagine how I can use this brush for highlighter but I find it very uncomfortable. I want to have more precise application and not end up having highlighter all over my face.

I use Real Techniques setting brush for highlighting cheekbones and flat eyeshadow or concealer brush to highlight precisely my cupid’s bow. This brush, which you can find in a set, is not useless. I have the same one already which came with loose Dior powder. At first I thought..”What a weird brush. It feels kinda scratchy.” I gave it a try few times with a powder and it worked good but I didn’t like the feel of it. After I washed the brush it became softer and fluffier and now I like it. I keep one from highlighter now as a spare one. The brush is good for polishing but not dusting. It’s dense and if applied in circular motion both Dior loose powders I own look great on my face. Just don’t rub to hard :). But I still wonder why does this type of brush come with such product as highlighter? I wouldn’t mind having small, cute highlighter brush with a shape of Real techniques setting brush.

That’s a lot of info about brush.. pff:D

Here are brush from Dior Forever&Ever Control Loose powder ( used, several washes) and new one from Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer.


Sometimes girls include ingredients list of powders on blogs but for some reason it’s not popular for high-end/luxury makeup. If you like to read such information I covered it as well:)


Now let’s talk about actual highlighter. I’m terrible at describing shades. I would call it neutral ivory with hints of cool pink, metallic. Now some decription I stole “warm pink with a metallic finish”.

It was extremely hard to catch hints of pink for some reason. It’s seen under some angles and you can see it in a pan but it’s not that obvious at first.


First time I applied it I did several layers and I got this gorgeous metallic-wet glow but it was so uniform and beautiful I couldn’t believe.  Later I applied it lightly during the daytime and it didn’t look “too much” or overdone. The powder is not as soft as Mary-lou so you shouldn’t be afraid to apply first layer as 99,9% you won’t overdo it.  The colour looks quite cool-toned on swatches but it didn’t look like an unnatural shiny spot on my face. I have pretty light skin ( Lumene CC cream in Light is my current foundation, here is some more I used some time ago or tried recently Armani Luminous silk shade 3 probably would be right for me  as I tried 2 and it was a bit too pale, Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation 1.0).

Swatches. Two layers on left and one on the right.


You don’t want to know how many pictures in different light I took to catch that pink hints. Interesting that when I apply it on my face I don’t see pink, may be it’s seen from side to someone..I don’t really know:). I see it pearly, ivory , glowy but can’t see that pink hint.

btw, if to move a bit further from screen pink hints are seen better:D


Here are some photos I took on my phone and hopefully you can see on your screen at least somewhere that pink hint I’m talking about.


In this comparison you can see how subtle  Essence eyeshadow on the right is  (which I use as highlighter)and how golden Mary-lou is in comparison to other two. All pictures I choosed are taken during not so sunny days. Even on picture Mary-lou and Diorskin Luminizer look like they are on the same level of shimmer-ness but for me (on face) Mary-lou is more shimmery and more evident. If I have an opportunity to take pictures of swatches on sunlight I may be able to show what I’m talking about. Also Luminizer in shade 002 “fits” better my light skin. That of course doesn’t make Mary-lou worse it’s just a shade and texture comparison.

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer lays smooth on skin, without dry look but the powder itself is not as buttery as Mary-lou which is a plus as you don’t need to be afraid to overapply with a first stroke. It may be just a right amount or you can always apply one more layer. But don’t think that the powder is hard and you can’t pick it up. I don’t want to confuse you. If you own theBalm Mary-lou  you probably agree with me that it’s buttery:).

I didn’t notice any fading during wear or migration of highlighter somewhere else. As I have quite oily skin I always set my foundation with a powder. So powder highlighters always go over powder.

Conclusion: Shade is just perfect. It’s really something I wanted for some time and as I don’t own anything alike I don’t regret buying it. The packaging is gorgeous and adding a highlighter seems like a some kind of ritual. Of course, it’s Dior and it comes in luxurious shiny packaging with all this boxes-brushes and so one so the price you pay is not just for the product itself. But if you have light skin, you use high-end products or you feel ok to splurge on highlighter I think it’s a beautiful-beautiful option.  I like both color and texture and the fact that I can get both subtle and evident glow effect.

 There are three golden-bronzey types of shades which cover medium and deep skintones. So you know shade 001 is very similar to theBalm Mary-lou but bit darker(if you are interested in champagne shade you can compare those two on Temptalia site).

That’s may be not the best video but here are three highlighters I compared above

Remember, don’t justify a bad product because of its brand/price. 

Do you use highlighters? What is your favorite one? What do you think about the one in this post?

P.S. This post is probably the longest one I have..or it just seems to me. But I hope you read all and didn’t fell asleep:)

Have a nice day! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 002

  1. Yup. I can see the pinkiness (at least on my laptop).
    Yup, theBalm Mary-lou is buttery. And I think when I repressed it I managed to make it more buttery :)) I think I put a drop too much in it. But it’s ok. I’m happy I have it now without falling all over the place and I just have to be a bit careful when applying. Did I thank you enough for giving it to me? 😀
    Yup. I read it all 😀
    The shade looks very pretty. I need to swatch it next time when I see it. I’mn very curious how it would compare with Becca’s highlighter… The lightest one. I think it’s called Moonstone. I have my eye on at least a mini version of that for some time now.

    • I don’t think you should thank me for that highlighter,it wasn’t new so it was better for me to let someone try:)) I should thank you)
      About becca, we have now becca in sephora. Not all range but there are one shade set of liquid+powder(opal), travel versions of liquid(different shades),powder highlighters, blushes and some base products. I like how liquid highlighter moonstone looks but about powder i don’t think I would be able to use it very often. It’s beautiful and uniform shine but very intense. It feels buttery) I would say that Moonstone looks more shimmery on skin and more intense than this Dior one. When I tell shimmery I don’t mean it has separate big shimmer particles, it’s uniform veil of shimmer. Of course swatch with finger and with brush on face is bit different things. I think that set of liquid+small powder highlighter is a really good option to try. They will last for very long anyway) And even probably not a lot of people need full version of powder highlighter but it’s cheaper than Dior one:/ I would try Moonstone set but we have only Opal. And when it comes to ordering it I all the time change my mind. As you have good skin I think you should enjoy more pressed highlighter than me:) I saw some teenage girls trying it with fingers on face. It looked very glowy and pretty:) not subtle but that is not a minus, just different type.

      • What you discribed is the battle in my head for 3 months now :))) I now they’re very in your face highlighters and I would think I’d enjoy it but then I think I should buy a hilighter which is more daytime appropriate, as I already have Mary Lou. Hmmm verzy hard decision. I keep putting them on my wishlist and take them off :))

        • Oh, so familiar)) I have two phases of adding stuff on my wishlist. 1) I will add only things I really really want and something I need variety with 2) I will add everything i like and then will think about it 😀 I think Mary-lou is bright enough in general. But it’s also quite golden. Moonstone is different. If you get a set you will have liquid one for day and powder for evenings. If you are interested in daytime highlighter check Kevyn Aucoin the celestial powder in candelight. I soooo like it and I added it to my cart online like 10000 times:) I guess if i saw it in reality i would get it. It’s like a improved version of something I see in essence eyeshadow which I use as highlighter. It’s satin, natural, subtle.

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