New nail polish love.Essie Gel Couture.

Hi! How are you?

Are you going to paint your nails while reading this post?;)

I used to love painting nails and wearing different colors and finishes of nail polishes. But some time ago I got very lazy to repaint my nails every few days and I didn’t wear any nail polish for some time. And then I tried Essie Gel Couture and went back to painting nails regularly. Do you want to know why? Continue reading..;) sounds like an ad.:D


So first I got three nail polishes and one top coat (pic above). It was a great offer 3 for 2. And a set was already cheaper than to get nail polish+top coat, so it was a great deal. It would be a sin not to take it:D


Later my husband gave me 3 more colors and now I already have a small collection.^_^


I don’t have swatched for all shade but I prepared photos for several of them.

I didn’t try only pink Sit me in the front row for now.

On all photos below you will see two coats of nail polish and a coat of a top coat. You don’t need a lamp or anything else for these nail polishes. 1 minute between coats and 1-2 before top coat.

Fairy Tailor –   beautiful nude nail polish. When I don’t want any specific color but want my nails to look neat and nice this is the color I choose.  You can’t go wrong with such type of shade.

You can see how sheer color is on photo below but if you apply a bit thicker second coat you will have more milky color on your nails. If you apply two thin coats you will get result like on photo. I didn’t have any problems with application. No streaks in general but happened to me on one nail some  times:)


Take me to thread – really fantastic color. I think this would be my favorite one. You have color on your nails but it doesn’t bother you, doesn’t look too bright and goes good with almost everything. Uniform application, no streaks.


Bubbles only – gorgeous, not boring red. It’s classy, not too bright or too dark. Just perfect! Easy application, no streaks.


Model clicks –  for moments when I feel drama-drama :D. This one is gorgeous deep dark red. It’s a bit tricky. Under some angles and on photo you can see some streaks and that color doesn’t lay so uniform as others. When I first applied it I wasn’t sure how it’s going to look at the end but the truth is that you can’t see these streaks in life during wear. Even me.. who likes to search for  tiny mistakes, didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t feel like repainting. But anyway take it into account if you are a perfectionist:).



Twill Seaker – looks mysterious in the bottle and not that mysterious in the day light. I didn’t make any photo of this shade yet (if I do I will add it here). It’s dirty-greish-violet (greish aubergine? :D)  with green sheen. This unusual sheen you can see  only on sun or bright artificial lightning. All other time your nails look quite calm even base shade is quite complex. Easy application. No streaks.

Essie Gel couture has very comfortable brush. It’s not too narrow or too wide. I find it very easy to apply nail polish with.

Of course I know how to paint nails but before doing it with Gel Couture I watched a video on Youtube where some girl’s nails were painted on Essie presentation (if i remember right).

Let’s talk about lasting power. The claim is that it’s going to stay up to 12 days with reapplication of topcoat every second day. I tried wearing it without reapplication of topcoat and with. I actually didn’t make up my mind how much does it help and sometimes I spend more time with my hands in water and sometimes less. But few times my nail polish survived not only a week of wear but also cleaning apartment and I don’t always use gloves (bad me, I know).  The longest I wore Gel Couture was 11 days. Some times I had to fix tips of some nails and reapply top coat to wear it longer but I don’t think it’s a minus. Other times I wore nail polish for 8 days without fixing anything at all. I usually do my manicure once a week and I would say I can go with nice nails 7-9 days. Dark shades I can’t wear for 9 days because rubbed of ends of the nails look more noticeable and it’s easier to repaint them one a week than fix ends several times.  I don’t know why but Take me to thread is the shade which looks nice the longest for me. After experiment of topcoat reapplication every two days I don’t do that every time. I can reapply once during wear or twice or don’t do that at all.

I made a photo how Essie Gel Couture wears off. I actually forgot how many days passed after I painted my nails but it was like 6-7 days. According to photo I would say that Take me to thread I wore longer here because of bigger distance between nail polish and cuticle.


Conclusion: For me it’s 10/10. I repaint my nails when I do manicure and I don’t have to repaint them more often. Nails stay nice and shiny. The price is not the most budget-friendly one but if you stick to most worn shades (for you) it will be a good deal.

Do you have problems with longevity of nail polishes? Or does any nail polish stay for long on your nails? Did you try Essie Gel Couture and if yes, which shade do you like?

Have a nice day!:)



6 thoughts on “New nail polish love.Essie Gel Couture.

  1. Что-то мой первый комментарий не опубликовался. Пишу второй раз) Почувствовала, что кто-то бросил камень в мой огород. Но я не хотела тебя обидеть и не искала какие-то изъяны специально, прости. Возможно, я немного перфекционист. Take me to thread оттенок тоже заприметила, уже давно добавила в виш-лист, но после лаков Эссенс жаба душит)

    • Если жаба душит,то может и не надо. Если лаки Эссенс устраивают. У меня просто так долго ничего не держится, а тут могу ходить неделю и не париться) Вот это для меня огромный плюс! Хочу на весну-лето голубые оттенки,но у нас почему-то не привозят новые коллекции этих лаков. Обидно, буду на амазоне,наверное, потом заказывать,если не появятся:(

  2. I think Take me to thread is my favorite shade from the ones you presented. I will have to buy some shades (maybe more nude ones) and see if it lasts longer. For me the normal longevity is 2-4 days (L’Oreal ones last 1 day maximum). Now, of course it depends on the brand and on the color, but usually I have problems with nail polishes lasting on my nails. I think it would be nice to have about 7 days to not worry about how my nail polish looks like.

    • For me it’s the same, 3 days usually, 4 max. I had also some nail polish whcih survived only one day and then chipped very noticeably:/ So doing my nails once a week and painting them after is great! I don’t have to worry till next week. Take me to thread is sooo pretty, I wear it most of the time now:D

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