My lips but better? Brighter? Pinkier?


Do you like lipsticks? I guess if you opened this post you do :).

Let’s talk about MyLipsButBetter shades, mauve and beige lipsticks.


I’m not a fan of plain beige lipsticks as they make my face look ill and the only one which looked nice was Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe. That’s why I prefer neutral shades with a good balance between beige and pink and those which lean towards cool-tones like mauvie-pink, something between dusty rose and mauve. So if you don’t like too warm-orangey or too cool shades you may find something for yourself here.


Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Sorbet in 10 Spring Beauty – it’s a dusty rose, leaning towards cool shade (lilacy) with silver microshimmer. (it may look warmer on swatch than it does on lips).It gives more dimension but doesn’t look too obvious. It’s quite opaque but feels creamy. Lip sorbet has slighly glossy finish, not drying texture and decent longevility. It doesn’t disapper by itself but it needs reapplication after meals for sure. Spring beauty is cooler than other lipticks in sticks from this set. I found a minus- packaging starts to look not the best quite fast.  I don’t think it’s the most important with such sticks but just so you know:). When Clarins golden tube get scratched that’s really pity because it’s so shiny:D.

Maybelline Hydra Exreme  in 210 That’s mauvie – still loving this lipstick even I don’t wear it as much as I should as I have a lot of lipsticks.As most of lipsticks stay good on my lips I don’t reapply them a lot so they last really long. The mauvie-est from all but not really cool shade.

Full review is here -> Maybelline Hydra Extreme

Shiseido Rouge Rouge in Sweet Desire – muted browned-rose. Elegant and classy shade. It’s opaque creamy lipstick. If you wear some classy dress, make nice hairstyle, this lipstick will make your look polished. It doesn’t feather or get absrobed during wear. This one the most intense neutral color from all.

Full review – > Shiseido Sweet Desire

Collistar Ultra-shine Gloss in 203 Legno di Rosa or Rosewood – it’s neutral shade which leans towards warm. On the border I would say:) It looks natural and shiny. It’s not sticky and lasts long. It’s semi-opaque. I have 4 shades from this line so if you want to get acquanted with Ultra-shiny Gloss from Collistar I would recommend to start from this shade. In some light you can see more beige-brown tones and in other – more mauvie tones. I think it will suit to a lot of people. It smells lovely, like vanilla ice cream but not overpowering:). By the way this shade has super super super tiny shimmer, you can’t feel it on lips and hardly can see.

Clarins Joli Rouge in 750 Lilac Pink –  nude-pink-lilac, the lightest shade from all. And I would say on lips it looks cooler from all but not really cool or deadly :). It has lovely texture and in time of wear even smothes out some dryness.

Small review on this lipstick -> If I went back in time… High-end lip products

Some words about Collistar and Clarins I wrote even earlier here -> Here you can read about Collistar and Clarins

Revlon Balm Stain in Honey – it’s magical shade on my lips. Why? The more I wear it the brighter it looks on me. It looks like bright natural shade. I mean natural shade of lips, which lean towards red. If you know Nars pencil in Dolce Vita this one looks close to that on me but with shiny finish. It looks fantastic (I have to find picture as I wore it really a lot). What else to love about this shade? Not only it looks very good on lips but it stays really good and stains lips uniformly. I can not worry about eating and drinking with it. I won’t get only contour on my lips left.. never happened.  I mentioned it in my summer faves – >A little bit about Revlon Honey



Did you try any? Which one did you like from post? And what is your favorite neutral lipstick?

Have a nice day!:)


4 thoughts on “My lips but better? Brighter? Pinkier?

  1. That’s mauvie is exactly what I have on right now. And yes, I still have a bit left of it because for 2 months I forgot it in my drawer 😀

    All other lipsticks look very interesting in swatches. I will look for Revlon in the store.

    • I try to rotate now more so I can wear everything and not stick for weeks with one 😀 I had dark shade from Revlon but I gave it away so now I have just Honey. I actually found it on discount in Romania for 10 lei and I thought it was a sin not to take it. And I ended up loving it and wearing a lot. It’s really different from others I showed. Take a look, may be you will like it. 🙂

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