Sweet Desire? Yes, it’s Shiseido Rouge Rouge


Today is a good day for a lipstick review. Not long time ago Shiseido lauched new line of lipsticks Rouge Rouge. “Intense colour. Rich texture.” – Shiseido claims on the box. Let’s see how true it is.

Shiseido RD714 Sweet Desire



So, the shade I got is called Sweet Desire. I found a description of it’s shade, which is muted browned rose. When I swatched it in store it looked more mauvey but on me it’s dusty rose with hints of brown as described.

Bare lips


Packaging: Very beautiful! I though it’s metal but I guess it’s such plastic, quite heavy in comparison to lipsticks in simple plastic packagings. It has magnetic closure.

Texture: It’s creamy lipstick but it’s not buttery. Let’s call it thick cream:) “Rich texture” in description of lipstick is true statement. It doesn’t dry lips. Lips feel protected but without heavy feeling.

Finish: It’s opaque. I would say it has semi-matte finish. It doesn’t look glossy or even like a balm but it’s not dry-matte either. It doesn’t settle in lines and it doesn’t bleed.

Long-lasting?: 50/50. It doesn’t move as lipstick-balms do but it won’t survive food and needs checking after drinks. Colour fades for me in the middle of lips. Not fully but after lots of sips I reapply it there anyway. It won’t disappear by itself/get absorbed.

Application: It doesn’t like dry lips. Of course, no lipstick likes dry lips. It clings to flakes and as lipstick is opaque it looks not the best.  Some creamy lipsticks I have smooth tiny dry flakes, this one won’t do it.  I wouldn’t go for it if I have some small flakes.

You can see how thicker and more opaque it is in comparison to Clarins and Maybelline Hydra Extreme.

Conclusion: Colour and finish are gorgeous. It looks elegant and classy..If lipstick can look like that, this one definitely does. It emphasize dryness, which of course is temporary thing and can be fixed before applying lipstick.  There are  other beautiful and..elegant (again) shades in this range so may be you will find something for yourself.  I’m not sure whether I will buy another Rouge Rouge or not but I’m considering red shades from this range.

p.s. After I just-just posted this review I realised that it probably sounded too harsh and I edited it.I didn’t change it much but I hope now overall feeling is not negative and it reflects my thoughts better. In my conclusion I said I don’t know whether I will buy more lipsticks from this range or not. If I went back in time I would buy this shade again. But I’m not sure that  I will stick with this range for other shades because there are other lipsticks I want to try and for different shades I like different texture/finish. If I purely collected beautiful lipsticks I would buy more but right now I try to choose more wisely:). 

Do you like Shiseido brand? Did you try any of their lipsticks? May be new Rouge Rouge?





12 thoughts on “Sweet Desire? Yes, it’s Shiseido Rouge Rouge

  1. Yes, the lipstick does look very elegent. Maybe you should try to wear it when weather isn’t so cold. I bet you will like it more in the Summertime.
    I never tried anything from Shiseido but wouldn’t really know where to start. Maybe in the future.

    PS: I love that the bunny has a ring on its year 😀

    • Did I write too harsh about it?) My lips are usually not very dry but this one is not for slightly dry lips either. I don’t think it’s a big minus but I thought it’s good to mention as it’s not as creamy covering dryness as other lipsticks I have. But it doesn’t find some flakes which are not there. I agree with you, I think already in spring will be a time for it that’s why I’m not sure right now about other shades:) I will consider it when the store I got it in will have again good discounts:D p.s.thanks ^_^ it’s a bunny for rings:) I mean it’s sold with other animals alike you can put rings on. I like how this particular ring looks on him)

      • Maybe I understood it a bit harsh because you said it doesn’t look great over dry lips (obviously, because it’s a lipstick not lip balm) and you said you aren’t sure if you’ll buy another lipstrick from this range.

        • Yeah, I see..when I re-read it I feel that from side it seems like a negative review. I edited it to sound milder:DHope so 😀 I can tell about any range of lipsticks I liked that i’m not sure whether I will buy more or not but not because those ranges are bad:)p.s. Thanks for writing this. When you type in your head things may sound different, not the way other person reads them.

      • Also, yes, I understood the general idea and I think it’s a good thing to mention every detail you observed when testing it. Some people (me included) are more prone to dry lips so things like this help a lot.
        But the shade is very nice 😀

      • Yes, already sounds better. And don’t worry, I totally know how it is to write something and other people to understand something totally different. Happens a lot when I have to many thoughts about a product. I usually ask Alin to analysize a paragraph for me :))

    • It’s beautiful and creates that put together look. I feel very classy with it:) Just apply it on smooth lips:) Hope you like it if you get it!I know you are not big eyeshadow fan (As far as i understood..hope I’m right) but check their Luminizing trio in RD299.Eyeshadow are very aquarelle like, you can create very airy look but with bit of definition. It works great with eyeliner. Eyshadows are very buttery and I think it should suit your eyes.I have one more (pink sands one) but it’s quite meh.. RD 299 aka Beach grass is really special. 🙂

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