How does infinity look like? Dior Fusion Mono 751 Infinity.

Hi! How are you?

If you came to this post from Reader you are thinking “This blogger seems familiar but I don’t remember her posts”. 😀 But if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my 1000 photos I posted while I wasn’t here on my actual blog.

So why did we gather here today? To look at Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono 751 Infinity, which is part of LE Holiday Collection Dior 2016, of course.:)


It’s an eyeshadow in a pot, which comes with an applicator. Applicator can be useful if you want to line your lower lashline. Flat typical applicator would do much better job transferring eyeshadow onto the lid than the one which you can find in a box.


  • Shade is very beautiful even it’s not very unique and for some people may be boring. I would say it’s golden-bronzey-taupe. I have no better definition for it. 🙂 It looks cool in one light conditions and warm in another.   It has beautiful tiny shimmer which is not glitter chunks, which may look “cheap” or “too much”.dior-mono-751-infinity-blog-2
  • Texture is quite silky but not buttery. It’s opaque so you can use it on it’s own or in combination with other shades. Or if you lightly take some of it on your finger you can apply it over another eyeshadow to add more sparkle or holiday-ish touch. I tried it first in store over full done eye-look. I pat it in the center of my lid and it looked very nice and then I just lightly touches all lid to see how it will look. It still looked good and it was my rosey-brown makeup under shimmery veil.
  • In daylight, without sun, this shade looks pretty but ordinarydior-mono-751-infinity-blog-3-swatch
  • But in sunlight or artificial lights it shines really beautifully. I would say it’s the limit of day time shimmer for me. It looks sparkly but at the same time it’s not screaming dense big shimmer particles. It was quite hard to catch sparkling dots but I tried. On sun general tone of eyeshadow looks cooler than under lamps.dior-mono-751-infinity-blog-4-swatch
  • It applies uniformly and easily. You can use simple applicator for more opaque finish. You can use fingers or brush as well. I tried only applicator and finger as for me those are more suitable tools for such type of eyeshadow.
  • I apply everything on eyeshadow base so I don’t know how does it perform without it. But I bought it  after I saw Temptalia rating so I guess without base it performs very good as well. For me it doesn’t crease or fade. Fallout is minimal during application. You won’t sit with all sparkling cheek.
  • Advice! It’s not only from me but from producers as well as it’s written on the box. Close cap tightly! I don’t know how long eyeshadow testers stay in stores but I often see this type of eyeshadow dried to a smaller size inside the pot.
  • Price. Official site gives me price 31$ (215 DKK), which is not the price in Denmark. It’s 260 DKK which is ~37 $.
  • Conclusion: I like quality, shade and texture of Dior Diorshow 751 Infinity. And even I can use it mostly on any occasion I should say it does add some holiday sparkle to make-up routine in this time of the year.:) It’s not a must-have but a pleasant addition to your make-up collection if the price is ok  for you.

What do you say? Do you like this shade or is it too boring? Are you tired of golden-red holiday collections or those are typical colours which create Christmas mood for you? 

Have a nice day!:)


11 thoughts on “How does infinity look like? Dior Fusion Mono 751 Infinity.

    • It’s really pretty!:) And I’m always so crazy about closing them that I sometimes close it so tight I cant open it next time:D

  1. It looks very pretty. I don’t think I would buy it though, as I usually forget I have single eyeshadows. I would be too scared to not dry up. But if I wasn’t so lazy/forgetful, I would think about getting my hands on it 😀

    • I totally get it. I also more often use my palettes than any single eyeshadow (not than i have many). If I know I want to use exactly that single eyeshadow I will. If not I will grab a palette. It’s just carefree procedure)) But this eyeshadow is indeed nice. I transformed some points into voucher to get it for a better price. It costed me just like to send 8 cards:D

            • I have 6 in total, from which one i use only as highlighter, one doesn’t suit me and I use it only under duochrome from wet and wild palette, one is nude and I don’t wear nude much and one beautiful but kinda patchy and you need time to work with it, so I don’t wear it often. So I would say I have 2 which I use as eyeshadow and actually use them.:D And one as highlighter I use all the time, but packaging broke and it’s so pity they don’t sell essence here as it’s eyeshadow from essence. Oh, i wrote a lot))))

                • I actually didn’t ever had problem with their packaging before as I had a lot of essence products few years ago. I think I opened it somehow and broke it:/ IAbout magnetic palette.. no, but if I get more single eyeshadows in pan I probably will) Most of my singles are cream eyeshadow in a pots.

                  • I only have one cream eyeshadow. The rest are powders. I’m thinking to maybe get a small one for 6 eyeshadows. If I keep buying them, I will get a bigger one. Don’t know… Will have to think a bit more 🙂

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