Summer faves


I don’t usually write about monthly favorites as I don’t have so many products in rotation even if I buy new ones. My summer favorites include old product I forgot about, new purchase and something I loved for some time.

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summer faves 2015

Let’s start with product I rediscovered, Revlon Balm stain in Honey. I don’t know why I ignored this product in my collection for some time. It became my go-to product this summer. On my lips it looks like bright everyday shade but still quite natural. It doesn’t scream from lips and it’s not nude either.  I don’t know how it happens but on me shade Honey looks brighter, especially in time, than in most reviews on internet. This balm stain is not drying, long-lasting and just perfect for any time of the day.

Lumene CC cream – product I use all year around. My favorite foundation! Usually I use shade Light but as I tanned a bit in summer  I needed something darker. There are shade Medium. It’s quite neutral but still too pinkish for my tan, which is more yellowy. Shade dark is darker than I need but it’s perfect for mixing with Light as it has yellow undertone. So if you had the same problem as I did and you love CC cream, try mixing those shades for perfect result.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve – just perfect neutral shade. It looks very natural on face. It has slightly luminous finish but it doesn’t contain shimmer particles. I use it so often that you can obviously see from blush it’s very loved ( you can’t see as I didn’t include close-up picture so just believe me 😀 ). It looks good when I’m fair and when I’m slightly tanned.. There is no minuses in this product.

TheBalm Hot Mama blush – I already mentioned both of these blushes previously on my blog but they are really good so you should look at them again :). Beautiful Spring-summer blush for me. I wore Hot Mama and Nude mauve during this summer as they are enough for any type of looks I did. It’s golden peachy shade. You get naturaly looking peach shade with golden sheen if you look at cheeks under certain angle . It doesn’t have any separate shimmer particles. You don’t need highlighter if you use Hot Mama as it does its job as well 🙂

Urban Decay Naked 3 and Basics 2 –  I purchased Basics 2 just around 1,5 month ago but I used it quite a lot since. I used it for neutral, dark matte looks and as complimentary to other palettes. It’s good Basic palette… Basic 2:D Naked 3 became my favorite very fast. I just loooove most of shades in this palette. I love neutral looks I get with it as well as more smokey ones. I don’t really use golden-bronze and shimmery-glittery light shades. One is too shimmery and another just doesn’t suit me too much. This palette covers all type of looks for me, even they are in the same tone. You have few matte shades which allow you to create neutral matte look and plenty of satin shades for any other looks. I think it may be palette I will re-purchase when I will hit pan in several shades. I check new palettes all the time and I didn’t see yet any with such beautiful shades in this particular rose tone and such good combination of them. I don’t take into account  Makeup revolution palette. I believe it has ok quality but I don’t think it’s the same as UD. If you have both and I’m wrong let me know 🙂

What are your summer favorites? 

Have a nice day! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Summer faves

  1. I want the Naked 3 but I want to go through more of my palettes now and maybe after that I will repurches. Now I’m always rotating my eyeshadows and brushes just to make sure I use all of them. I should do the same with the eyeliners and lipsticks as I have so many but I love a few and I bet stuck to them 😀

  2. […] Revlon Balm Stain in Honey – it’s magical shade on my lips. Why? The more I wear it the brighter it looks on me. It looks like bright natural shade. I mean natural shade of lips, which lean towards red. If you know Nars pencil in Dolce Vita this one looks close to that on me but with shiny finish. It looks fantastic (I have to find picture as I wore it really a lot). What else to love about this shade? Not only it looks very good on lips but it stays really good and stains lips uniformly. I can not worry about eating and drinking with it. I won’t get only contour on my lips left.. never happened.  I mentioned it in my summer faves – >A little bit about Revlon Honey […]

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