If I went back in time… High-end lip products


Today I decided to write about several high-end lip products in a new way. I’m going to tell you whether I would buy them if I went back in time.

lipsticks post blog 1

Let’s start…

blog lipsticks 2

So what do we have here?

Would I buy it if I went back in time?

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl 16 Noir Revelateur: Yes! Probably lots of people think that there is no sense in a lipstick which may be can be duped by some dark-tinted balm. I heard such opinions. But.. I like it a lot and I would definitely buy it again. It gives very nice tint, from very sheer to quite intense (depends on amount of layers).I like to apply few layers. Gorgeous blackberry juice shade. Like after eating berries 🙂 It has nice texture and it’s actually moisturizing. It stays on my lips quite long time and doesn’t disappear from the center of lips after drinking. Juicy, sexy, moisturized lips.. Yeah, that’s how I would describe result on my lips. It accentuates lips but in a quite natural way.  Don’t forget about pretty packaging!

Lancome Juicy Shaker Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil in shade Mangoes Wild: No! I want to say yes very much because of its design and Lisa Eldridge but it’s a “No”for me. I wish Lancome put some lipgloss in this cute packaging. I love packaging, scent, applicator and shade. I don’t like that it doesn’t last even 2 hours (not that huge problem), it doesn’t moisturize ( a bit bigger problem as it’s a lip oil which supposed to care about your lips, no?), it bleeds after reapplication (huge problem!). I’ve never seen any product bleeding on my upper lip like that (or any product bleeding in such an obvious way). It could be such a nice summer product if it didn’t bleed at least. I can forgive other minuses but not this. It supposed to be an easy-to-wear lip product, perfect on the go, perfect for summer walk, etc..If it requires using pencils it’s not such product anymore.And as it’s very sheer you need to use transparent pencil to fix this problem. 

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick 750 Lilac Pink: Most probably yes! Big plus of this lipstick that it looks better on lips after some time and not just right after application. It moisturizes lips a bit and makes liptick look smoother on your lips. I wouldn’t recommend applying it on chapped lips as it’s not proper balm. Why I got attracted to this lipstick? Lots of good reviews and shade. It’s pink-mauvey nude shade. It’s not too light or dark. It has nice balance of tones, which makes it neutral leaning toward cool. I think such type of shades is very popular among light-medium skin girls. It stays long on my lips without eating and drinking. After drinking it fades a little and it’s better to add a bit lipstick.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 92 Emotion: Most probably yes! What I didn’t like at first in this lipstick is a scent. It smelled with roses and it was quite powerful for me. Now when scent is very light I enjoy it more. It has interesting texture. It feels like watery lipstick on lips. It stays good and doesn’t disappear in patches or in center of lips after drinking. It just fades if you eat or drink.  Shade Emotion is nice berry shade which can be both bright casual or shade for speacial occasions. It doesn’t dry lips and doesn’t moisturize them as a balm but lips feel comfortable even if lipstick faded during eating.

Sensai Intense Lasting Colour IL 115 Iwatsutsuji: Yes! Beautiful berry-mauvie shade, very long-lasting, comfortable on lips, nice finish. I would buy one more lipstick from this line but there is quite limited choice of shades and I didn’t find other which would suit me. And when I say long-lasting I mean it. Once I was wearing it during two flights with a few hours change and it didn’t go anywhere. You would expect this from matte lipstick but not from creamy. It seems like it sets after some time. I have no idea what’s happening but I like it 😀

MAC Retro Matte All Fired Up: Yes! I found tiny minus, for some reason lipstick stick doesn’t look very nice after several uses even I don’t twist it till the end. It smells like vanilla and I like makeup which smells like that:)  Do you? But it’s not why I would buy it. For me it’s quite comfortable matte lipstick. It has nice velvet looking finish on my lips. The colour is fantastic. I don’t wear it very often because it’s so bright. I wish more people wore bright lipstick in everyday life.:) After eating or drinking it doesn’t disappear in center but it disappears a little from inner border of lips (I don’t know how to explain it right, where lip skin ends and starts mucosa). I apply bright lipsticks a bit deeper than neutral one so you don’t see obvious line where lipstick ends while you talk. This lipstick is slightly drying for me but after I remove it in the evening my lips feel totally fine. While I wear it there is no obvious signs of dryness or discomfort.

Top row: Chanel 92 Emotion, Sensai IL115, Clarins 750 Lilac pink, MAC All Fired Up.

Bottom row: Givenchy 16 Noir Revelateur, Lancome Mangoes Wild.

lipsticks swatch blog3

Did you try any of those lip products? Would you like to try any? Do you have high-end product you regret buying?

Have a nice day!:)


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