Goldwell Dualsenses Color shampoo


Finally I came back on blog after vacation. I came very fast on instagram as it became my favorite platform to share products and write short opinion about them. Do you like instagram?

Coming back to the topic of my post… I posted this shampoo several times on my Instagram account. I re-purchased it few times so you can guess that I liked it quite a lot.:)

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop shampoo for normal to fine colour-treated hair. Verrrrryyy long name for a shampoo.

Goldwell dualsenses fade stop shampoo review

My hair: fine, not colour treated, ends have still some leftover of dye, dry ends. I wash hair once in two days.

In general I like Goldwell brand and I trust it. I used before Rich Repair line when I just covered my blonde and wanted to make my hair healthier. I used 1,5 l of shampoo and 1.5 l of conditioner. I still buy the same conditioner but 200 ml bottle and recently I purchased mask from this line. But I will write about it some other time:).

  • Goldwell Dualsenses Color for normal to fine hair has nice creamy texture.
  • Shampoo is light pink and pearly. Very nice looking even it’s not the most important quality in shampoo:)
  • Scent is light but very pleasant. I can’t really describe it but I doubt someone can hate it.
  • It cleanses hair very good but doesn’t overdry it. My ends don’t become drier with it.
  • It doesn’t make hair oilier.  I know a lot of people think that not transparent shampoos  are heavier. This one is definitely not.
  • I can’t comment on fade stop quality of shampoo as I don’t dye my hair anymore.
  • If you have damaged bleached hair I’d recommend you to try Rich Repair line from Goldwell instead of this one.
  • I bought 250 ml in Denmark for 69 kr. But price varies from store to store.

It may be pricey for some but if you are used to buy professional haircare you know it’s actually not expensive. This particular shampoo doesn’t do miracles and shampoo shouldn’t but it has really no flaws for me and my hair.

For those who like to read ingredients lists 🙂

Goldwell dualsenses fade stop shampoo ingredients

Do you buy pro hair care products? Are you familiar with Goldwell brand? What is you favorite shampoo?


Have a nice day!:)



4 thoughts on “Goldwell Dualsenses Color shampoo

  1. I saw yesterday that we have many stores in Stuttgart that keep Goldwell products. I went and looked at them and I had no idea where to start. I think I need to figure out first what I need at home when it comes to hair and start from there :))

    • I wouldn’t recommend buying two-phase sprays. They contain alcohol. They have one spray conditioner from green line I want to try very much. If I try it soon I will let you know :). Green line is their natural line. I think Rich Repair mask suits most types of hair. May be someone with damaged hair can use it more often and with normal as usual mask.If you use hairstraightener for exmaple I think this mask is good remedy for dealing wth heat damage. Also they have Green Moisture and Green repair line. I heard good reviews on Green repai mask, it has oils and good stuff. Rich repair contains keratin and silk. I think if you don’t know what to start with you can try a mask.AA also you remeber I had post on leave-in cream?You can read about it more reviews if you interested.:)

      • Cool. I will read some more. Yes, I think a mask would be great as fall aproches fast here. I will need a bit more moisture in my hair. I don’t use hairstaightener as much now. I think this week I used it for 2 minutes. Before that I didn’t use it for more than a month and so on.

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