Events and thoughts

 Hi again!

As I again became so terrible in posting on my blog I decided to write some random post about life with some pics.

If you follow my instagram I think I’m a little bit addicted to it you may know that I went to Ukraine almost for a month.

Here I made photo of all lispticks I took. Two on the left were outsiders during my trip. 🙂

Revlon in shade Honey became the most worn lipstick this summer.


I spent all this time there with my parents, we went also for few days to seaside in Odessa. It felt very good and relaxing. No thoughts about learning danish (not that I don’t like it but some people make me feel that I’m not as motivated as I should be..and lots of people who all the time complain how we don’t learn enough or don’t write enough or don’t speak enough..etc can sometimes be a bit..annoying?! … complaining every break, every time they come to classes.), no thought about hard times finding job and all thoughts connected with that.

sea blog

I came back to Denmark right before my wedding anniversary. My husband surprised me with make-up table. Now doing makeup is whole ritual 😀 I was dreaming about such table from my childhood. 🙂 Weather was bad on our anniversary so we like an old couple 😀 cooked tasty food and spent time drinking champagne-wine, eating and watching movies:).


A week later we went to the Zoo! I wanted to visit it very much. The tickets are not the chepeast, frankly speaking. But it was amazing! You could even go to place were kangaroos live and walk near them 🙂 Copenhagen zoo is very clean and beautiful, animals live on a quite spacious nature-like territories. Smaller animals live on smaller areas but they all look taken care of and happy. May be it sounds funny but I can tell when my cat looks unhappy 😀 On zoo topic, I’m not against zoos, if they are good, spacious and animals feel comfortable there and they are taken care of. I  like opened parks idea but I have never been to such. I don’t want to open wild discussion here but you may leave your opinion about zoo also. As a lot of animals were born and grown in captivity not all of them would survive in real nature. Some baby animals were saved and grown by human.  In some opened parks animals can be born in captivity but then let into opened park. Animals have instincs but babies of many animals are taught by their moms important things in animal life. This reminded me of video I saw where otters in nature where looked after by people. And there was baby otter who lost his mom and people were teaching him using their own example. You know how otters use stones? So human was swimming on back near otter showing him how to crack mussels with stone 🙂

zoo blog

 Recently I applied for few jobs in beauty-sphere. Positive side: I found interesting vacancies. Negative: I think in time I became not very optimistic about my chances. Here you are allowed to cheer me up and wish me luck :).

And how are you? Do you like such random posts with illustrations? 


4 thoughts on “Events and thoughts

  1. I like life updates fom some bloggers. Even though we speak a lot I still like reading these types of articles from you.
    About Zoo you know my opinion – I have the same opinion like you do.
    About job – I wish you luck and hope for you to go and work for a nice company, where you actually like going to work, and tell me what products you tried and are good for me to go and check 😀 (is that too selfish?)

    • It was sooo nice to watch! I think I saw it on some animal channel on tv. In the zoo I went they also had otters but I didn’t see them:/ I think they were hiding somewhere.

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