Loreal Sublime Body Royal Nutrition


It happened that I have several body lotions I want to review. I think for most of beauty readers body care is a bit less exciting than other areas like makeup or haircare.

What do you like most to read about on beautyblogs?

loreal sublime body royal nutrition

Ingredient list for all interested in it:)

loreal sublime body royal nutrition 2

I used before a lot of creams without mineral oil which moisturized my skin very good but as I moved to different country the choice in particular price range of such creams suddenly dropped so low so I just started to try more expensive body products, some which are still inexpensive for Denmark and other which  I’d call quite expensive.

I got some body lotion (I’m going to review it next) which is all so natural and not expensive but in a long run it doesn’t moisturize my skin good enough to become my all-time body lotion. I decided to try again creams which contain mineral oil and my favorite ingredient in body care products, Shea butter. The next ingredient would be Cacao butter and after Coconut oil:) I’m not actually all against mineral oil. I don’t usually use face creams with it as my skin type prefers something lighter. And I’m totally ok if it’s in my hand cream. As a fan of Balea body creams and butters I got used to use body care products without mineral oil and get good results.

So let’s come back to the body lotion I’m actually reviewing here :D.

Loreal Sublime Body Royal Nutrition (what a long name..)

It has nice, light scent, which doesn’t last. It is quite thick body lotion, more like typical cream consistency. It doesn’t absorb instantly and you can feel it for some time if you touch yourself but it’s not nasty-sticky-feeling. I can’t tell that it gives me some discomfort as I usually don’t bare products I don’t like. I’d rather throw them away and stop suffering 😀 It takes a bit a bit of struggle to wear skinny pants right after cream application. 🙂 I can’t tell the exact time it takes to be absorbed fully as this slight feeling on skin doesn’t bother me. Of course if it absorbed instantly I would prefer that more:)  When I take shower, I don’t feel that cream washes away.

It leaves moisturized and nourished skin. The back of my arms are smooth again. After not a good enough lotion my skin became quite unpleasant there:/. It should suit slightly dry and dry skin. I think very dry would benefit more from butters.

Tricky part is a price. If you live in Copenhagen, this body lotion costs 50 kr in all Matas stores I attended.. EXCEPT Matas in Frederiksberg Center. I hope Matas won’t read my blog and won’t increase price in that store also.:D  It costs 25 kr if I remember right and it’s not on discount. It’s its permament price there.

Repurchase? May be. I’m using now lotion from Garnier which has alike ingredients but I think it’s actually better than Loreal one.

Did you try such body lotion? Do you pay attention to ingredients in body care products? 

Have a nice day!:)


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