MAC All Fired Up vs Bourjois Ole Flamingo


I wanted to compare two bright matte shades I have, which I thought were alike. They are Mac Retro Matte All Fired up and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 05 Ole Flamingo. It’s not a review post, just pure comparison.

They look very alike just laying near each other. What do you say?

mac all fired up vs bourjois ole flamingo

bourjois vs mac

You can find a review on Bourjois Ole Flamingo here ->Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 

As you can see from photo they look different and more different than I’d expect. They are both  very bright but Bourjois Ole Flamingo is quite neony on lips, when All Fired Up is just bright. They are both matte lipsticks. Bourjois is a liquid lipstick which dries matte and Mac is super matte already during application.

I took a photo from my old post where I showed Ole Flamingo on my lips and this year photo from a walk, which obviously wasn’t made to show lipstick 🙂 But I think you will still see the difference.


What do you say about this shades? Which one do you like more? Would you like to see a review on All Fired up? I’d make more photos on my lips 🙂

Have a nice day!:)




8 thoughts on “MAC All Fired Up vs Bourjois Ole Flamingo

    • Bourjois one has slight neony tone, which is almost “burning” on lips. And mac is let’s call it classic bright. I need to make this a term..classic bright:)

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