Urtekram Body Lotion Nordic Birch


As you may know I like body lotions, butters and creams. So here is a new review on body product Urtekram Body Lotion Nordic Birch.

body lotion urtekram

As it’s not a known brand all over the world I decided to include a description from their official site.

If you want to know about lotion just skip this part:).

Urtekram International A/S is Scandinavia’s largest organic wholesaler. Our main office is located in the north of Denmark in scenic Mariager. We market organic foods in the categories processed food and frozen food, certified organic care products as well as products intended for people with allergies, including lactose and gluten free products.

We sell products under our own two brands, Urtekram and Nutana. In addition, we distribute products from a number of well-known brands, such as: Hari tea, Biotta, Bioforce, RiceDream, Dr. Schär and Rigoni di Asiago. Our products are sold in more than 36 countries in Scandinavia, all of EU and Russia, the Middle East, Asia and North America. The majority of our export of organic foods is to the Scandinavian countries and the export apart from this consists of our certified organic care products.

Urtekram Body Lotion Nordic Birch (certified organic, 100% natural origin)

urtekram lotion birch.jpg
Urtekram Body lotion ingredients list

Let’s start with minuses

Scent: I was running around supermarket and decided to grab this lotion as I saw it before but didn’t buy it. I was sure I’m taking Rose one but instead I grabbed Nordic Birch! BIIIIRCH!!! If you like very natural scents you will like it…may be :). It’s not nasty as I wouldn’t finish it in this case but it’s not pleasant scent. Plus that it doesn’t stay long on body. There are other scents (rose, coconut, unscented).

Texture: Everything is good about texture of this lotion. It’s not runny, not too thick. The minus is that this texture doesn’t work well with a pump when you are left with 3 cm of the lotion. If you look inside  a bottle, lotion stays near walls of bottle when it stops pumping cream. You need to get it with a tube of a pump or to try to shake it really hard so lotion goes to the right place again.

And now let’s see pluses:

Texture : It’s light so it absorbs fast and thick enough to provide good moisturizing-nourishing properties.

Effect: It’s very good. May be it’s not enough for very dry skin but for moderately dry (can I use word moderately here?) it’s good. I can especially see effect on the back of my arms. When skin is not moisturized properly it stops being smooth there.

Price is ok… 55-60 kr = ~8 euros

Did you try Urtekram products? What is your favorite body cream?

Have a nice day!:)


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