Nyx Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake. Nothing like butter


   LOOOOooooong time no see. Did you miss me? I bet that not 😀 I post a lot on instagram (@worldinspiresyoucreate) so my readers don’t have time to relax. 🙂

   I know recently I reviewed on instagram quite a lot of stuff but I’m still going to write posts about some of products I mentioned there.

Today’s post is about NYX Butter Gloss in shade Angel Food Cake.

PicMonkey Collage22

   I was a huge fan of lip glosses some years ago but now I prefer lipsticks, lipstick-balm or gloss-lipstick hybrids. Right now I have 3 typical glosses in my makeup kit.

   I can tell you from start I didn’t find any minuses in this gloss. For me everything is wonderful in it. The other gloss which I have which doesn’t have minuses is Artdeco gloss. Now I don’t use it as much as I got bored with its shade.

Nyx Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake: 

~ Angel Food Cake is verrrrry good shade (Mauvie-pink-beige on lips. On site it’s described as true mauve). I think it will suit to loooooots of people.

~  nice scent, may be vanilla..ish:);

~ affordable;

~ comfortable texture;

~ lays nicely on lips;

~ one dip of applicator is a right amount for me for one use;

~not sticky (of course, hair can stick to it..it will stick to everything creamy or wet.. but it’s not sticky-nasty gloss in general);

~ protects lips and actually moisturizes them (at least I noticed such effect);

~ on my lips it’s quite long-lasting.

~ doesn’t disappear by itself and can survive a drink.

Is there something more you expect from lip gloss? I guess not :).

   When I took pictures they looked very real but when I uploaded them I see them differently. I think in reality gloss looks a little bit mauvier on my lips. Not very different from pictures down but still… may be on your screen you will see it differently :).

PicMonkey Collage111.jpg

p.s. you can find my bare lips photo in previous lip product post.

Did you try Butter glosses? Do you like NYX brand in  general?

Have a nice day!:)


9 thoughts on “Nyx Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake. Nothing like butter

    • Thank you for commenting:) If this gloss is easy to get I’d recommend you to try. Of course if it something you need to order, wait, etc,etc..than I bet there are other good glosses in this world:)

  1. I’m torn between you posting article or not. The reason is because you make me want to run and buy makeup :))) This sounds so great! I want to try one of the NYX butter glosses for so long but I need to make up my mind about a color (or more :)) ).

    • 😀 I guess I need to write more articles about products I didn’t like :)) I wanted to buy Vanilla cream pie at first but it was sold out and I got this Angel food cake and I’m even glad now they didn’t have vanilla cream pie:D I reach for this gloss most of the time now. It just looks so pretty and feels nice..ok ok I stop:D it’s terrible gloss, don’t buy it 😀

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