Lancome Juicy Shaker


I probably posted too many photos on my instagram (@wolrdinspiresyoucreate) with new Lancome Juicy Shaker. It looks so fun that I just couldn’t stop:).

The one  I got is  Lancome Juicy Shaker 381 Mangoes Wild.

lancome juicyshaker blog2.jpg

     I’m never so impulsive about new products but this time was different. I went into store and saw Juicy shakers.. they looked so pretty, colorful and attractive. I asked a salesgirl whether she already tried them and she said they just came. I was too excited probably and spent next 10 minutes choosing a shade. Yeah, everyone complains that I can stay choosing shampoo for 30 minutes:D

   All light shades seemed too transparent and I thought there is no sense as bright once are sheer as well and I didn’t want just a transparent lip product. The only one I’d get is blue one.. it’s transparent but the color in tube is so gorgeous:D It would be definitely the weirdest reason to buy makeup.

Juicy Shaker is a bi-phase pigment infused lip oil. 

lancome juicy shaker blog

Why do I have blueberries as background? They look prettier than pieces of mango on photo:).


I like it a lot! Very small, unusual, pretty,  “young”.

     It feels girly and high-end at the same time. I think Lancome needed their new style which you can see in the latest products and Spring collection as make-up part of a brand got a bit boring. Lisa Eldridge is doing a great job.

Juicy Shaker has interesting applicator, conical form.

     You suppose to shake it good before using. When you shake it and take out applicator it already has necessary amount of product on it. You can’t see down the shaker. You see only a drop of product which appears on bottom of a space where applicator lays. I’m the best in describing such stuff..I feel it:D

lancome mangoes wild blog1.jpg


All Juicy Shakers smell the way they are called.  Nice but not powerful, which is definitely a good thing.

lancome mangoeswild
If you don’t use your shaker for some time and just leave it to stay calmly it will look like this. As it’s bi-phase product oil and pigments separate until you shake it again.

 Feeling on lips

      It’s a very lightweight product, feels almost like water, not sticky. You don’t get greasy-oily feeling.

Even Juicy Shaker is a pigment-in-oil product it’s not moisturizing or nourishing as you would expect. I read some reviews where people stated that it has good moisturizing properties. I can’t tell the same and my lips are not usually very dry.

Lips feel fine under Juicy Shaker, protected but it doens’t help with flakes and doesn’t have prolonged effect. Once it’s gone all protection effect is gone lips are just naked.Is it only on me?




    My shade is Mangoes Wild and it’s very gorgeous in the shaker. All shades in this range are sheer. The lightest one are transparent or almost transparent, bright once are very sheer but still give some color to your lips. That’s why I choose bright shade.

I’d call my shade neutral. It’s not totally warm or cool. It gives my lips natural juicy look:)

lancome mangoes wild face.jpg

Wear time

       It’s definitely not a long-lasting product. It gives glossy finish at first and in a hour glossiness disappear on 50% on me. This product needs re-application even if you don’t eat or drink all day. If I eat or drink it goes away leaving slight tint on lips.

One day I wore it for a walk and shopping. I talked a lot, walked, ate and reapplied it several times. After few re-application colour on the contour on my upper lip started to bleed a little. I don’t know whether it’s common thing for this product or not but I didn’t wore it that long with several application except that day. Other times I didn’t have such problem. So I’d not rely on it if I had long busy day:D Update: I wore it for less than a full day and it bleeded again on my upper lip  :/ This is disappointing:/ I guess I can avoid this only by fully wiping product before reapplication. 

Lancome has cool videos for each shade. This one is for mine:)



Unusual packaging, nice to use, sheer color, not heavy or oily, doesn’t take care of lips except protection, may bleed. 

Nice product for warm season. I feel like it is suitable in summer, especially on seaside. When you are glowing, bit tanned and all you need is sheer color on your lips.

If you don’t like sheer product or glosses I don’t think you will like Juicy Shaker.

Do you like how it looks? How do you feel about Lancome in general? Did you try it in store already?

Have a nice day!:)


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