Good nude. Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe


How do you feel about beige-nude lipsticks? I’m actually not a big fan of all warm beige lipsticks  as they don’t suit me and make me look ill. So I’m always going for lilac-pink-mauve-nude or beige-pink which has more neutral pink in it.

But! I found a beige lipstick which actually suits me. Or at least I think so:)

maybelline tantalazing taupe blog 2

maybelline tantalazing taupe blog

So we are going to talk about Maybelline Colorsensational 725 Tanatalizing Taupe.

When this nude line of Colorsensational lipsticks just appeared I didn’t pay attention to them as they all are beige or brown. Previous year I saw this lipstick on one blogger and it looked amazing. Later I just forgot about it until recent time when I saw 30% discount on Maybelline in the store. I swatched it, looked at texture and compaired to other nude lipsticks in store, some of which I tried before. As it wasn’t dry, thick and too warm

I decided to give it a go.

lips without lipstick blog
Here is my lips without anything for comparison.

Maybelline Colorsensational 725 Tanatalizing Taupe

~ not drying;

~ nice scent, not powerful;

~ budget-friendly;

~ not patchy, easy application;

~ doesn’t find flakes which are not there;

~ as any lipstick it better to apply it on moisturized lips without flakes;

~ creamy but long-lasting, survives coffee and doesn’t disappear by itself (at least on me).

maybelline 2.jpg

What do you say? Do you like how it looks? What is your favorite nude lipstick? And do you like nudes in general?

Have a nice day! 🙂




11 thoughts on “Good nude. Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe

      • Maybelling 725 is the one I use over and over! I pair it with a cheap nude lipliner I found at a cosmetic store that seemed to match it perfectly- Savvy by DB ‘natural’. That’s all I’ll wear on my lips most times I go out! xx

  1. I’m starting to go out of the nude lipstick phase, but this one looks gorgeous on you. I think it’s a tricky buy, as you can’t try it on lips before buying it and it’s a very light shade. I’m happy it worked for you.

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